#MeToo is officially dead

#MeToo is officially dead

Whelp. That didn’t take long, did it?  The #MeToo movement is officially dead from a self-inflicted wound — with a helpful assist from Joe Biden’s dirty digit.

Yesterday, the New York Times ran an opinion piece with the title “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.”

Tara Reade’s accusation already put the #MeToo movement on life support, but this column was the coup de grâce.

So stop playing gotcha with the female supporters of Mr. Biden or the #MeToo movement, making them lie to the camera — or perhaps to themselves — about doubting her to justify their votes.

I’ll take one for the team. I believe Ms. Reade, and I’ll vote for Mr. Biden this fall.

And this:

Compared with the good Mr. Biden can do, the cost of dismissing Tara Reade — and, worse, weakening the voices of future survivors — is worth it.

Not only does this writer kill the #MeToo movement, but she also succeeds in exposing it for the fraud that it was.

It was always about political expedience.

So perhaps the more honest take here is that what died isn’t #MeToo, but the myth surrounding it.  The accusation against Joe Biden burned away the mythical veneer and revealed the craven, cynical reality beneath.

This was never about changing the culture so that victimized women are not punished or marginalized for speaking out.

And it certainly was never about making sure men who sexually assault women are held to account.

Don’t get me wrong, if anything deserves to die, it is the farce known as the #MeToo movement.

I said back in December 2017, that #MeToo was “the worst thing to happen to victims of sexual assault ever.” So I want to thank this NYT writer, the Senate Democrat Handmaids and the news media for proving me right.

Thanks to them, the next time they try to wield this weaponized fraud against someone whose politics runs counter to theirs, far fewer people will fall for their con.

By the #MeToo movement’s own actions, the very people who will be harmed the most are the very people #MeToo was purportedly created to help.

The victims of sexual assault.

So good going, gals!

You not only killed off #MeToo; you also stabbed victims of sexual assault in the back.

All in the hope that this handsy, decrepit old cooter can beat bad old Orange Man.

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7 thoughts on “#MeToo is officially dead

  • May 7, 2020 at 6:30 pm

    This opinion writer, and I don’t know or care who it is, will not be voting for Biden in November because the left is about to replace him. I have no idea how they will do it but they will do it because they absolutely CANNOT allow Biden on a debate stage with DJT.

    When they deep six Biden the MSM will go along with it, instantly jump on board with whatever insane reasons they concoct and promote whichever leftist POS they put forward, WITH BOTH FEET!

    This “Opinion Piece” was just:
    1. the latest episode of “How Low Will They Go?”;
    2. another nail in the NYT coffin (though certainly not the last).

    TRUMP 2020

  • May 7, 2020 at 7:52 pm

    Once RBG checks out and if Trump nominates a white male you’ll see #me too come roaring back from the grave.I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dems are already recruiting “witnesses”.

  • May 7, 2020 at 8:21 pm

    #metoo was dead before it was ever born. Democrats everywhere were in denial of Slick Willie’s crimes against women long before a hashtag meant something other than a number.

  • May 7, 2020 at 8:33 pm

    OK for whatever reason, I didn’t notice Joe right away, but when I saw him I fell off the chair laughing.

  • May 7, 2020 at 10:00 pm

    One of your best images, Dianny. My wife asked me what I was laughing at. Bravo!

  • May 8, 2020 at 12:56 am

    There is much speculation over who is VP will be (if he’s not been removed by then) as they will be the actual candidate. They dare not let him out of the basement to campaign or have even one debate with Trump. Milwaukee should be thankful there won’t be a convention with the Bernie Bros. raising hell over him being shafted again.

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