Michelle Obama: the Queen of Fat-Shaming


Maybe it’s because I just watched Milo’s “Fat-shaming works” speech on YouTube that I find Hillary’s using Trump fat-shaming a former Miss Universe (and attempted murder suspect & porn star) all kinds of hilarious.

I can just picture Team Clinton sitting around the war room discussing their debate strategy.

Robby Mook: Okay, Hillary. Once you got Trump on the ropes about the birther thing that we started—

[coughing heard]

Robby Mook: Err. I mean that he championed, you’re going to hit him with our secret weapon.

Hillary: I deploy “Operation Miss Piggy?!”

Robby Mook: Yup! Oh, let me tell you, Secretary Clinton, this is going to be off the hook! Alicia’s story is going to land the Hispanic vote and the fat girl vote like you wouldn’t believe!

Huma Abedin: And the best part is, it will ruin Trump. No candidate will ever come back from something as damaging as calling a fat girl “Miss Piggy.”

Robby Mook: It’s almost as good as unveiling a secret mistress.

[coughing heard]

Robby Mook: Err. I mean, it’s almost as good as a dog on the roof of a car!

I really believe Hillary thought Alicia Machado was going to be the thoroughbred racehorse she would ride to victory.

Too bad her thoroughbred racehorse turned out to be some braying, out of control mule.

I mean, come on!

It’s funny!

Especially when you consider Hillary’s pliant sycophants in the Enslaved Press already had all their fat-shaming stories lined up.

They’re all looking like a bunch of idiots right now.

Earth to Team Clinton, have you never heard of Google?! Wikipedia? How could they not have known this woman was a ticking time bomb?!

Tell me that’s not funny!

For the Democrat Party to decide the election hangs on smearing Trump for fat-shaming a train wreck only proves these people have zero self-awareness.

Come on, you guys. Your favorite First Lady to ever walk on Planet Earth has made it her mission to fat-shame every school kid in America.

Her dictatorial “Let’s Move” initiative has relied heavily on fat-shaming.

In fact, in February of 2010, Michelle decided to fat-shame her own daughters on live television in an effort to advance her idiotic “Let’s Move.”

At the time, ABC News did a story called Did Michelle Obama Send the Wrong Message With Obesity Comments?

After recapping Michelle’s inartful decision to fat-shame Malia and Sasha on national television, ABC added this gem:

President Obama is also guilty of talking about his daughters’ weight. In an interview with Parents magazine in November 2008, the president said, “A couple of years ago — you’d never know it by looking at her now — Malia was getting a little chubby.”
The president then spoke about what he and the first lady did to balance their daughters’ diet, and the impact “was so significant that the next time we visited our pediatrician he was amazed.”
Even then, critics panned the president for commenting on the weight of Sasha, who is now 8 years old.
Some say parents talking about their daughters’ weight can have a harmful impact on young girls.


Thank God President Obama didn’t say Malia was getting to be Miss Piggy. Hillary Clinton would have had to launch a smear campaign against him and …

Who am I kidding?

Even if both Barack and Michelle had referred to Malia as Miss Piggy, Hillary would have praised them for their bravery in sharing their personal struggle over having a fat kid.

But my only question is if Michelle Obama is given praise for sticking her Nosy Parker nose into the lives of private citizens and demanding they lose weight, why is Donald Trump vilified for seeing to it that the Good Will Ambassador of the Miss Universe Pageant (which he was financially invested in) live up to the ideal people expect of a beauty contest winner?

How many Hollywood producers instruct their actresses to drop a few pounds for a part or, in the case of a man, bulk up muscle?

But that’s not the point.

The point is this.

When your campaign’s “Secret Weapon” is a woman who has spent the last six years fat-shaming every American schoolkid, deciding to use fat-shaming as a way to attack Donald Trump is blindingly lacking in self-awareness.

Sure, Hillary can hope that nobody will make the connection.

But that’s where folks like me come in.

You’re welcome!

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One thought on “Michelle Obama: the Queen of Fat-Shaming

  • September 30, 2016 at 10:01 am

    I don’t think they realized that Trump was enforcing a binding contract when he made those comments. She had contracted to represent the pageant as the reigning beauty queen and had very stringent requirements on keeping up appearances. As the director/owner of the pageant he was shocked when she could no longer fit into her wardrobe for a public appearance and commented in anger at what he saw as a personal and professional betrayal. Most people will understand that if it is presented correctly. As for her later moral lapses, that just helps shade the story toward a Hillary and staff incompetence problem.

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