Mini-Mike rises, Liz Warren hardest hit

Mini-Mike rises, Liz Warren hardest hit

I haven’t written a thing about Mini-Mike Bloomberg – mostly because I find him rather dull.

Let’s face it.  If Mini-Mike didn’t have all the money in the world, he’d be laughed out of the race.

He’s pretty much John Kasich with a bottomless bank account and a lot more baggage.

It is pretty hilarious that of the two current “frontrunners” in the Democrat field, neither of them are Democrats.

Bernie Sanders is an Independent.

And, Mini-Mike is an Independent who, up until a few years ago, was a Republican.

No wonder Elizabeth Warren is so upset.

I’m sure Joe Biden would be pretty pissed about it too if he had even an inkling of what the hell is going on.  But as it is, Joe can’t keep track of what state he’s in, so expecting him to know who is running against him is asking too much of the guy.

Did you ever imagine when the 2020 Democrat race kicked off that the “diverse” field would winnow down to a bellowing near-octogenarian Marxist who gets chased off the stage by topless women and a diminutive über-rich white guy who’s buying endorsements?

I’ve never been so grateful that I don’t have TV.  From what I hear, Mini-Mike Bloomberg is running so many ads the only way to get away from them is to shoot your television, set it on fire, then call in a HazMat team to remove it from your home.

Speaking of Elizabeth Warren, back in November she had this to say about Mini-Mike entering the 2020 race.

Michael Bloomberg may think he doesn’t need people to win this election – he just needs bags of money. He’s wrong. That’s why I’m investing in meeting thousands of voters, taking over 85,000 selfies, [Dianny here: they’re not “selfies”] and building a grassroots movement that will fight for big, structural change.

Whelp.  It looks like Liz was wrong — about a lot of things (and not just calling those photos “selfies”).

Bags of money are certainly having more of an effect than “selfies.” And if Liz is building a movement, it ain’t very big. It’s a mini-movement.

In today’s Marist national poll, Mini-Mike has leapfrogged fifteen points to second place with 19%, while Warren dropped five points to 12%.

Now you understand why Liz is so angry about Mini-Mike entering the race.

And it gets worse for Liz.

According to Nate Silver from Five-Thirty-Eight, Bloomberg’s odds of winning in every Super Tuesday state (except Vermont) are pretty good. Not as good as Bernie’s, but still.

Meanwhile, according to Silver, the only likelihood of a Warren win on Super Tuesday is in her home state of Massachusetts.  But even there he is only giving her a one in five chance (whereas Silver projects Bernie has a one in two chance in MA).

Problem is, if Warren fails in both Nevada and South Carolina, what are the odds that she’s still around for Super Tuesday at all?

And see, that’s the problem.

Warren’s ideological campaign is in conflict with Mini-Mike Bloomberg’s entire existence.

He is the very person she’s spent the last thirteen months demonizing.

And here he parachutes into the Democrat race and bulldozes right over her.

That’s gotta sting.

Especially given that Warren vowed not to accept any corporate/big money donations or PACs.

The woman is running out of money.

And while she’s floundering in the polls, today Mini-Mike officially qualified for Wednesday’s Democrat debate. Which infuriates Liz to no end.

Thus far, Bloomberg has spent over four hundred million dollars on campaign ads, and has not once been challenged or questioned in a debate.  You’d think Liz and the other Democrats would be thrilled to finally have Mini-Mike on the debate stage if for no other reason than to challenge him directly.

Because Mini-Mike has some serious baggage that’s just hanging out there waiting for some challenger to exploit.

Bloomberg also insulted the intelligence and hard work of farmers.  But I doubt the other Democrats care about that.  Mostly because they too think farmers are dumb hicks who just dig in the dirt.

But I suspect the only “challenge” his competitors are going to launch at tomorrow’s debate will be aimed directly at Mini-Mike’s bank account.

At least that’s what I think Warren and Sanders will focus on.

And from the look of Bernie’s tweets, that seems a good bet.

Yeah, but Bernie?  You’re trying to buy the White House too.  Only, you’re promising to spend our money.

Any old how.

Fact is, Bloomberg’s plan to win the nomination by saturating the airwaves with commercials seems like a set-up for an inevitable Operation Backfire.

We’re less than a month into primary season and already folks are getting sick and damn tired of all those Bloomberg ads.

It’s been over thirty years since Clara Peller and the “Where’s the beef?” Wendy’s ad and still people don’t understand how oversaturation only leads to exhaustion and irritation.

Eventually the Bloomberg oversaturation is going to backfire — if it hasn’t already.

And then there’s the Bernie supporters, most of whom are still furious about the DNC shafting their guy in 2016.

Do you think they’re just going to lie down and take it if this pipsqueak establishment Liberal leapfrogs over their guy and buys the nomination?

Not on the likely.

As I was writing this, I saw a tweet from someone who shared Rush Limbaugh’s monologue “Ignorant and Arrogant Bloomberg Insults Farmers” from yesterday’s program. So I clicked the link and read what Rush had to say.

I thought this quote was especially good:

I just think this is classic of the way leftists look at people in flyover country. He says, “I can teach anyone to be a farmer. The skill for information technology’s completely different. You need more gray matter.”

This is why he gravitates to the Democrat Party. He’s a condescending elitist. He doesn’t think that you have the brains to get through the day without his instructions, without him putting limits on how much Coke you can drink. He doesn’t just think farmers are stupid. He thinks you’re too stupid to be trusted with salt shakers and sodas, not to mention guns. That’s the big one. And so Bloomberg is making it abundantly clear, the Democrat Party is the home for people that want to control you and your daily life because they don’t think you can do it.

It’s a dangerous, authoritarian political party. It’s why it has to buy votes. It’s why they have to fix elections and weaponize intelligence agencies and spy on political opponents, because they do not, I don’t care what anybody says, they do not represent the majority thinking in this country.

When you get right down to the ooey-gooey center, there really is no difference between Elizabeth Warren (or Bernie Sanders) and Mini-Mike Bloomberg.

Rush is right.

All of them seek the Presidency because they want to control the people.

Americans, they believe, cannot be trusted to make decisions for themselves.  We must be told how to live, where to live, how much money we can have — what kind of healthcare, education, or job we’re allowed.

Every Democrat in the race look down on us and believe that they know better how our lives should be.

The only difference between Mini-Mike and the rest of the pack is the size of his bank account.

But the fact is, the Democrat establishment does not want Bernie Sanders as the nominee.

But Biden is cratering.  Warren is a mess. Buttigieg lacks the support of black Democrats.  They despise Tulsi Gabbard.  And Klobuchar is too much of a longshot.  So who does that leave?

Well, Mini-Mike that’s who.

They can’t steal the primaries away from Bernie like they did in 2016 with the Super Delegates.  But with Bloomberg and his bottomless wallet, they can monkey-wrench things enough to lead to a brokered convention where Bernie can get screwed in the second round of voting when the Super Delegates finally get deployed.

And I think that’s why the DNC is more than happy to have this former Republican/now Independent buying his way into their race.

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5 thoughts on “Mini-Mike rises, Liz Warren hardest hit

  • February 18, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    I remember 16 years ago The Mayor was, “A proud Bush Republican”!

    What happened?

  • February 18, 2020 at 12:34 pm

    One thing I don’t understand…
    Both Steyer and Mini-Mike are billionaires, both are spending more money than God, both are plastering every broadcast medium in existence with more ads than the actual shows people are tuning to watch (and this includes You Tube).
    So why is Mini-Mike polling at 15% and Steyer only at 2%? (Not that I think Steyer should be any higher than 2%, it’s more than his annoying commercials deserve.) Is Mini-Mike actually buying off poll respondents? And if so, where do I get MY check?

  • February 18, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    And everyone of the Democrats want the same thing..control.
    Bernie said person one vote………one time.
    If anyone of these stinkers is in power…look out!
    Also the signs of desperation are everywhere…I’m thinking it’s gonna get bad.

  • February 18, 2020 at 2:06 pm

    I have no idea what the final Democratic nomination will be. All I do know is I’m getting carpel tunnel syndrome from hitting the mute button in all Bloomie’s commercials.

  • February 18, 2020 at 2:39 pm

    Bloomie is even buying ads on you tube channels frequented by teenage ‘gamers’ that are too young to even vote….and THEY’RE getting sick of it!

    The Demorat desperation is completely unfathomable! But…they did it to themselves and now they’re stuck with it….like stink on a skunk.

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