Mini-Mike’s Lame-ass Billboards

Mini-Mike’s Lame-ass Billboards

Mini-Mike Bloomberg’s highly-paid campaign team unveiled some billboards they actually paid money for in an attempt to troll Trump when the President was in Phoenix.

And let’s just say that if this is the best his people can come up with, he is seriously overpaying them.

Can you believe Bloomberg is actually paying for this garbage?

The memes in the replies are far more clever than the actual billbards from his campaign.

Team Mike’s tweet-brag over their lame-ass billboards is getting ratioed like you wouldn’t believe.

Okay, maybe you can believe it.

You would think that someone who can spend a near-limitless amount of money could come up with better content than these billboards.

I could crap better content than that.

Bloomberg billboards-02

Even someone with zero Photoshop skills could crap better content than what Team Bloomberg is churning out.

And, really?  It’s 2020.  Who spends money on billboards anymore?

Maybe Mike should change his last name to Boomerberg.

At this point, I’m beginning to suspect that the content creators Mini-Mike hired are secretly Trump supporters trying to make this guy look even dumber than he already does.

They’re doing more damage to Bloomberg’s campaign than Liz Warren did at the last debate.

Speaking of which:

Bloomberg billboards-03

And if you thought the billboards were bad, the Bloomberg campaign is getting in trouble with Twitter for using a bot-army.

According to Fox News, Twitter suspended seventy Bloomberg bot accounts for violating its rule about “platform manipulation.”  Apparently they noticed that these accounts were all tweeting out identical pro-Bloomberg messages.

I guess when a bunch of people all tweet out “A President Is Born: Barbra Streisand sings Mike’s praises. Check out her tweet,” it doesn’t go unnoticed.

He’s paying drones $2,500 a month to churn out this kind of tripe.  That’s the funniest part about it.

Like I said the other day, Bloomberg flooding the zone with ads, social media content (and now lame-ass billboards) is setting him up for the inevitable Operation Backfire.

We’re less than a month into primary season and already folks are getting sick and damn tired of all those Bloomberg ads.

It’s been over thirty years since Clara Peller and the “Where’s the beef?” Wendy’s ad and still people don’t understand how oversaturation only leads to exhaustion and irritation.

Eventually the Bloomberg oversaturation is going to backfire — if it hasn’t already.

And if the reaction to these billboards it any indication, it already has.

What’s truly pathetic is that Bloomberg is oversaturating the market, not with high quality content, but with unbelievably lame material.

He’s a media mogul for Pete’s sake! Shouldn’t a media mogul have better instincts than this?

It would have been quicker, easier and just as effective if Mini-Mike cut out the middlemen and simply flushed a half a billion dollars down the toilet.

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5 thoughts on “Mini-Mike’s Lame-ass Billboards

  • February 22, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    These billboards are so bad that it is proof positive that Trump has agents in Bloomberg’s camp.

  • February 22, 2020 at 6:44 pm

    I have been wondering WTF since I first saw those. I can only consder a few options.
    1) Mini-Mike’s advisors are also a bunch of elitist snobs who have zero clue about the real world and the media team are tearing their hair out but getting paid.
    2) Mini-Mike is bored and decided to wreak havoc with the dems for fun.
    3) His media team is staffed by 4 year olds.
    4) He is an even bigger idiot than AOC and thinks this is great stuff

  • February 22, 2020 at 10:07 pm


  • February 23, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    These billboards remind me of the 1990 movie “Crazy People”, where Dudley Moore recruits the insane asylum patients to write wildly successful advertising truth telling slogans for corporations. Maybe Mickey watched this movie and thought the same tactic would be successful.

    • February 23, 2020 at 1:26 pm

      I remember that movie:

      Sony – because caucasians are just too damn tall.

      Well most of them anyway, certainly not Bloomie lol

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