Mission Accomplished

According to the Los Angeles Times, The FBI is looking to interview Hillary Clinton as part of their security review investigation of her private email server and mishandling of classified information.

You may have missed that story from Sunday because all the oxygen in the media is being sucked down by Donald Trump and his no good, very bad campaign.

And you know what?

I’m beginning to think that was the whole idea behind Donald Trump’s run for the White House.

Nah. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Nor am I a tinfoil hat kinda gal.

But there can be little doubt that in the history of presidential elections, there has never been a more easily beatable candidate than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

She is deeply disliked.

She is mistrusted across the board.

Her unfavorable numbers are so high, I’d say Jeffrey Dahmer is probably looked upon more fondly than she.

We’ve known for over a year that Hillary was going to be running for President. Hell, we’ve known since 2008 that she would return like a bad rash to try again in 2016. But in the intervening years, Hillary’s flagrant incompetence, arrogant disregard for the lives of Americans, and secretive, felonious behavior has been on full display.

Defeating Hillary Clinton should have been as easy as falling off a log. Even a weak candidate like Jeb Bush could have handed her ass to her on a platter come November.

For heaven’s sake. A decrepit, bellowing socialist is giving her a run for her money and beating her handily in many states.

Any Republican opponent should have glided into the White House on golden wings against this wretched woman.

But then along comes Donald J. Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable numbers pale in comparison to his. His negatives make her negatives look, well, a hell of a lot less negative.

I can’t help but wonder if Donald, along with the DNC apparatus, is doing his part to Make Hillary Electable Again.

Over the last ten days, Donald has been providing Hillary’s campaign with a treasure-trove of goodies to pull out in the General Election campaign — whether it’s being able to resuscitate the Democrat’s “War on Women” strategy or painting Hillary as a foreign policy genius while hammering Trump for being an ignoramus who wants to give everybody nukes while turning the US Military into a group of mercenaries who only protect our allies if they pony up and pay us.

If we are to assume that Donald Trump is the genius his “followers” (as Trump calls his supporters) believe he is, would he really be this moronic as to hand Hillary all the ammunition she needs to completely destroy him should he become the nominee?

Or did Donald J. Trump make one of his famous “deals” with the Clintons?

Get me?

It just seems unfathomable that any Republican would run such a train wreck campaign overflowing with low-hanging fruit just ripe for Hillary to pluck without doing it on purpose.

It’s utterly incomprehensible that any serious Republican presidential candidate would run such a dumpster-fire of a campaign if his goal is to beat the living snot out of Hillary in the General Election.

Trump supporters accuse people like me of handing Hillary the ammo she needs, but really? To believe that, one would have to assume that Donald Trump is a great candidate with just a few flaws and we’re all just exaggerating and lying about him. It further assumes that Hillary’s campaign is completely oblivious to the many glaring problems with Donald Trump and wouldn’t have known a thing about him if it weren’t for Patriot Retort or The Right Scoop or Red State or Glenn Beck.


Look, the Clinton campaign may be brimming with corruption, but they’re not idiots.

Donald Trump’s disaster of a campaign has been on full display courtesy of a very addicted Enslaved Press who covers everything this man says or does. They would trip all over themselves to breathlessly report when he takes his morning crap after his first cup of coffee and a bagel.

To believe that the Clinton campaign would be oblivious to what a train wreck Donald Trump is but for the posts here or at other conservative websites defies all logic.

What’s more. They’re counting on Trump being a dumpster fire and a train wreck. It’s Hillary’s only hope of winning in November.

Amanda Carpenter at Conservative Review points out today that the fact that the FBI is looking to interview Hillary should be what we on Planet Earth call a bombshell. But her good buddy Donald Trump is providing her with ample cover-fire.

That barely registered a blip on the media radar in light of the Trump-driven “war on wives” between he [sic] and Heidi Cruz and the arrest of Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for alleged battery of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.
Because of Trump, everyone seems to be missing Clinton’s massive political bombshell for the “little bomb” Trump speculated Fields could have been holding.
Clinton may be the most flawed Democratic presidential candidate in a generation. And yet, Trump’s ongoing media spectacular remains focused on nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump. All anyone talks about its Trump, Trump, Trump.

Donald Trump has done more to advance Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations than even Debbie Wasserman-Schultz could have done. He has been a more successful “secret weapon” than her more likeable husband Bill.

If, God forbid, he becomes the Republican nominee, when Hillary Clinton makes her victory speech early in the evening on November 8, 2016, one of the first people she better thank for helping get her to the White House should be Donald J. Trump.

Because without him in this race, she would be beaten like a red-headed stepchild.

Mission Accomplished

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One thought on “Mission Accomplished

  • March 30, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    I personnally LIKE this theory and have repeated it numerous times since May of last year. Why else would Trump have met w/ Bill and Cankles before he announced his run for Pres. Hell, he has given her more $,$$$,$$$ than I will ever see in my lifetime. Yehp, I fully agree with your analysis, and my tin foil hat fits quite well thank you, I think it may be the leftover sticky BB-Q sause.

    Paranoia isn’t a bad thing if they are really after you. Speaking of Paranoia Dianny, How come so many of your posts go to seed with only one comment from that sick and twisted mind of yours trully. Heck, most days I am just fishing for some chatter. Catch a troll, or sucker fish, drag it up on deck, and club it to death. I hope that I am not offending the wrong folks. I am just shaking the trees to see what kind of fruits and nuts fall out. Please say something if I get out of line. Vert Da Furk!

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