Modern Feminists aren’t individuals; they’re a collective

Over the last six months or so, I’ve noticed something about modern feminists that I find particularly disconcerting.

You see, modern feminists do not see themselves as individual women.

Instead, they are a collective.

You know. Like the Borg.

Have you noticed that?

At the last debate in October, after putting up with an endless barrage of attacks from Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump muttered “Such a nasty woman.”

Within minutes every feminist assimilated herself into the Nasty Woman Collective.

And they did it proudly.

For modern feminists, you must adopt the insult hurled at Hillary because you are all one – a collective, a hive. So if you insult one of the hive, you insult them all.

And Tuesday, after the Senate voted to shut down the invective-spitting harridan Elizabeth Warren, every feminist declared that they will not be silenced.

Within the modern day feminist movement, there’s no such thing as the Individual.

And that wasn’t done to them. Instead, these modern feminists are abandoning the sovereign individual in exchange for one pussy-hat-wearing collective.

Anybody with half a brain knows that Donald Trump didn’t call every woman nasty.

He called a specific individual nasty.

And, by the way, he’s right. Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman.

Yet these feminists really do believe if you call Hillary nasty, you’re calling all of them nasty.

Likewise, the Senate didn’t vote to silence every woman in America. Hell, they didn’t even vote to silence every woman in the Senate.

All they did was vote to shut down the vile attacks launched by one individual on the Senate floor.

Yet these feminists really do believe if you silence one wretched bully, you are trying to silence all of them.

They never think, speak or act as individuals.

Because they don’t see themselves as individual women. Instead, they demand to be seen as a collective.

It’s stunning to me that they don’t seem at all concerned by this level of groupthink.

In a nation established on Individual Liberty and Sovereignty, these feminists are casting aside their own individuality in favor of the collective.

How incredibly pathetic is that?

If you can’t tell where one person ends and another begins, you have some serious problems.

I’m a woman. But I see myself as an individual – separate, unique, sovereign.

I don’t for one moment think Donald Trump was calling me a nasty woman just because he said of Hillary “such a nasty woman.”

Hillary and I are not one person. We are not one entity.

Thank God.

If you insult her, you’re insulting her, not all womankind.

And it never entered my mind to take to Twitter and declare that I will not be silent just because the Senate voted to cut off that glory-hound Liz Warren.

The Modern Feminist Borg Collective eschews individualism.

This is why they all don hijabs and declare “We are all Muslim.”

It’s why they encouraged every woman to march wearing a knitted pussy hat.

And no, this isn’t about “solidarity.” It goes far beyond that.

This is an absolute rejection of individuality.

It’s a mob mentality.

And it is completely antithetical to our American heritage.

The other day, Hillary emerged from her crypt to deliver a videotaped message to all women.

Wait. Actually, that might not be the right video.

Sorry about that.

Any old how. The Queen Borg declared in her video statement that the future is female.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

God help us one and all if this is true.

I don’t know about you. But I don’t want to be a member of the collective.

And I refuse to be lumped into a hive of angry queen bees.

I am an American. That makes me a free, sovereign individual.

I am free to think what I want, say what I choose, and act in my own best interests.

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4 thoughts on “Modern Feminists aren’t individuals; they’re a collective

  • February 9, 2017 at 11:25 am

    Conversely, if that one nasty woman calls half of America “a basket of deplorables,” then…we rise up!

  • February 9, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    Hillary has called them the “Makers”.
    Rise up Makers, rise up,

    and fix me some eggs while you’re at it.

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