Mommy Whitmer: “Behave or I’ll ground you longer”

Mommy Whitmer: "Behave or I'll ground you longer"

I don’t know what’s worse – Gretchen Whitmer acting like a busybody neighbor or Gretchen Whitmer acting like everybody’s mommy.

In response to Michiganders protesting her draconian, capricious Stay at Home orders, Mommy Whitmer is threatening to extend the lockdown if they don’t behave.

Like a mother who grounded her kids then threatening to extend their grounding.

Now, I get it.  Governor Mommy Whitmer isn’t alone in this. Far too many Americans want Government to treat them like children.  And Democrats are more than happy to oblige.

This was the Obama model of governance championed by First Mommy Michelle for eight years.

Remember when Michelle described the Obama Presidency as “having the good parent at home?”  She said Obama was the responsible parent, “the one who told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time.”

You know, compared to that “bad dad” Trump who lets those kids stay up late and eat what they want.

Infantilizing American citizens is kind of a Democrat thing.

So Gretchen Whitmer’s transformation from a Glady Kravitz busybody to Governor Mommy is hardly a surprise.

Mommy Whitmer sees herself, not as the chief executive of state government, but as the responsible parent exercising tough love by keeping her recalcitrant children in line.  And a good parent won’t hesitate to ground you if you don’t behave.

“You think this is bad?  Well, try me!  Go ahead.  You’ll find out how serious I am when I extend your grounding for another month!”

Treating her fellow Michiganders as nothing more than naughty children all to justify her arbitrary, intrusive dictates.

These folks aren’t children.

They’re adults who can’t earn a living to support their own children.

For heaven’s sake.  They want to take care of their families by maintaining a roof over their heads and food on the table. You know, those things responsible parents are supposed to do but can’t because Mommy Whitmer grounded them.

She’s treating this mandated lockdown as nothing more than Mom sending you to bed without supper or taking away your Play Station. Which tells me that Mommy Whitmer doesn’t have the slightest clue just how much long-term damage she is doing to the citizens of her state.

The Michiganders who took to the streets to protest weren’t just defiant, irresponsible kids giving Mommy pushback. They’re trying to save their jobs, their homes, their businesses and livelihoods for crap’s sake.

And flippantly threatening to extend the shutdown as a way to teach them a lesson is proof that this woman has no business being the governor of a state.

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3 thoughts on “Mommy Whitmer: “Behave or I’ll ground you longer”

  • April 20, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    This is all starting to feel like the second semester of my freshman year in college, which I spent under “room probation”. I was given this heavy sentence by the Dean’s Council for getting caught with beer in my dorm room, a capital offense at the time at my backward Methodist college.

    My sentence was heavier than normal because I refused to name my pledge brother co-conspirators, a hulking football player in the next room and my roommate, a semi-pro hockey player, both of whom would have made my bloody corpse eat my pledge pin.

    Not especially a fun semester, but I did make dean’s list.

    That was 1965. The following year you could choke to death on the smell of weed in the hallways of any major residence on campus. Times do change, and sometimes pretty quickly.

  • April 20, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    Michiganders should exit the tyranny they are experiencing and move on to greener pastures. There are better places to live than under the hammer of oppressive regimes ala Madam Governess.

  • April 21, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    Everyone is forgetting, or glossing over, the fact that these power-hungry megalomaniacs only achieve their positions of power through the ballot box (which is just as corrupt in many elections). The low/no information voters hear catchy campaign slogans and automatically assume the leftist/progressive/globalist ghouls will have their best interests at heart. When the crooked politicians’ actions do not match their pre-election platitudes, the voters seem not to notice, and continue to vote for this wretched refuse (once again, the exact definition of insanity). America, at all levels of government, can temporarily survive the tenure of inept and self-serving officials, but will ultimately succumb if voters continue to place such individuals in positions of power.

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