Months after horse escapes, Cuomo orders barn door closed

Months after horse escapes, Cuomo orders barn door closed

Last weekend, I wrote about how the New York City subway system may very well be the delivery device that spread the Wuhan Virus far and wide throughout downstate New York.  The subways are still running which is understandable as essential workers still need to get to and from work.  But it wasn’t until yesterday that Governor Cuomo ordered the subway trains sanitized every day.

What’s the old saying about a horse and the barn door?

It’s been nearly two months since the first confirmed case of the Wuhan virus in New York City, and only now does Cuomo order the subways sanitized?

I’m … speechless.

Tell me again, oh wise news media, how Andrew Cuomo is the hero of the Wuhan Panic.  I’m all ears.

The same news media that treats Cuomo as Light Bringer in our dark times is regularly scolding Americans for wanting to go back to work. “How many people are you willing to sacrifice,” they sanctimoniously lecture, “just so you can go back to work and pay your bills?!”

Did those media people ask Cuomo how many people he was willing to sacrifice before he ordered the super-spreader subways sanitized?

At last tally, in the NYC area, over seventeen thousand have died.  So I guess their Hero was willing to sacrifice over seventeen thousand lives.

BuT TRuMp HaS BlOoD oN HiS HanDs!!!

Remember this next time Cuomo delivers one of his “If we can save one life” responses to New Yorkers desperately begging to leave their homes and go back to work. Because the media won’t remember it.

They’re too busy composing epic poems to his wonderfulness.

For nearly two months the subways were not getting daily cleanings. How screwed up is that?! For crying out loud, it wasn’t until two weeks ago that Cuomo required subway passengers to wear masks.

Honestly, I don’t know what reality the news media is living in, but Andrew Cuomo is not the hero of this story.

All the fawning praise and preening press conferences don’t change the fact that, from the nursing homes to the subways, Cuomo has bungled his response in deadly, catastrophic ways.

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3 thoughts on “Months after horse escapes, Cuomo orders barn door closed

  • April 30, 2020 at 12:34 pm

    Like most politicians, you have to watch both hands.

    On the one, Cuomo acts as if he is saving lives. On the other, he strategically fails to act to protect vulnerable populations.

    On the one hand he is crying for ventilators, on the other, he gets them and puts them in a warehouse unused.

    On the one hand, he cries for more hospital space. On the other, he gets thousands of beds that go predominantly unused.

    On the one hand he shuts down the economy of NY. On the other he does not stop the subways or do anything to prevent the spread of disease. Just as Dianny noted.

    One side note: The elderly make up a large percentage of the costs of the Medicaid program that the state funds. Many people who end up in nursing homes are there on Medicaid. By the increase of deaths due to Covid19 among the elderly Cuomo is closing the deficit on his budget. This sounds gruesome but if you add in his policy regarding admitting Covid19 positive patients into nursing homes it all begins to make sense.

    If the media wanted to they could destroy Cuomo politically simply by revealing policies and negative effects that come from them. Cuomo himself is a light weight intellectually as is his brother Fredo (Chris) as evidenced by their continual tone deafness in the comments they make every day.

  • April 30, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    I remember talking with my wife about how the subways and buses were still rolling as part of the reason I had a ton of skepticism about this whole thing. If you close down shopping malls and other areas of mass congregation, it’s foolish to allow mass transit to continue IF you are serious about stemming the tide of an epidemic.
    I remember talking about this when he was questioned about the sardines in the subway cans and his reply was for everyone to move to a less crowded car–as if that’s a feasible solution during rush hour.
    He’s got blood on his hands for a number of reasons…but the most serious one is to force the acceptance of the elderly with COVID back into nursing homes. For every death in a facility after the forcible acceptance Prince Andrew the Feeble-minded ordered, I would love to see the next of kin sue him personally for wrongful death.

  • April 30, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    Yet he appears symPATHETIC on his daily news briefings. New Yorkers should be looking for a new leader or the first exit out of the state, especially in the NYC area.

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