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WikiLeaks released another eight hundred and fifty emails today, so I combed through them to see if there was anything of interest.

There were a few.

I found an exchange hammering out an official Clinton campaign statement to the State Department’s disclosure about Sidney Blumenthal’s emails from June 24, 2015.

Brian Fallon writes:

All – In preparation for the possibility that the State Department may acknowledge as soon as today that there were 16 Sid emails missing from the 55k pages of material produced by HRC, I wanted to circulate the below draft plan for responding to the inquiries that Nick will get. Thanks.
*Q: The State Department says that at least 16 of the emails that Sid Blumenthal turned over to the Benghazi Select Committee were not included in the 55,000 pages of materials produced by Hillary Clinton. Doesn’t this prove that Hillary Clinton deleted certain emails at some point before producing them to the Department?*
“Hillary Clinton has turned over 55,000 pages of materials to the State Department, including all emails in her possession from Mr. Blumenthal.

Further in, he continues:

*OFF RECORD, if pressed on whether we are essentially admitting the possibility that she deleted some emails:*
Look, we do not know what these materials are, or where they came from. Just take a look at them: many of the documents are not even formatted as emails.

In other words, deny, deny, deny.

For all we know, it could be that, in the course of reproducing his emails after his account was hacked, Sid misremembered which memos he actually forwarded to her and which he did not.
And hey, even if Sid is right and some of these documents were at some point sent to Clinton, this is unremarkable anyway for two key reasons:
One, she would have been under no obligation to preserve them since Blumenthal wasn’t a government employee.

So despite the fact that Hillary used Blumenthal as an informal advisor in her work as Secretary of State, since he was not officially a government employee, they’re not technically “work-related.”

Wow. That’s slippery.

Two, there is nothing in any of these emails that is remotely new or interesting. Indeed, none of these 16 emails are qualtitatively [sic] different than the dozens of others that Hillary already produced to the State Department. So it is completely ridiculous to suggest that there might have been any nefarious basis for her to want to delete any of Sid’s correspondence.

Odd, isn’t it. Fallon says “we do not know what these materials are,” but then he concludes by saying there’s nothing “remotely new or interesting.” How would they know?!

In a way, reading these emails, you can’t help but be impressed at how skilled the Clinton people are at formulating their lies.

I also happened across a brief email exchange between Podesta and Neera Tanden. Tanden is a Clinton campaign hack and, from reading a bunch of her emails over the last few days, I’ve concluded she’s a bit of a hateful bitch.

Any old how.

Tanden forwards an email to Podesta about the possibility of Michael Bloomberg entering the 2016 race.

She includes this question:

Is there something Mike Bloomberg would want to do in his life in an Admin? Is like Ambassador to China way too small?

So, is Tanden trying to keep Bloomberg from running in 2016 by floating the idea that they offer him a place in Hillary’s administration instead?

Seriously. These people really are conniving.

Like the previously released emails, this batch is also chock full of examples of Team Clinton trying to find a way to get Hillary’s position on certain issues to better reflect polling without her looking like she’s flip-flopping.

These guys were desperate to diffuse Bernie Sanders by effectively coopting his positions and passing them off as Hillary’s.

Here’s one example from an October 2015 email. The Clinton Army is busy writing what will ostensibly be an Op-Ed from Hillary Clinton (which is really an Op-Ed written by committee).

And Mandy Grunwald is worried:

I am still worried that we will antagonize and activate Elizabeth Warren by opposing a new Glass Steagall. I worry about defending the banks in the debate.
We are not including Elizabeth’s core point about this — that the 5 biggest banks are now 30% bigger than they were five years ago. And, of course, by not embracing a new Glass Steagall, we are not separating “everyday” banking from “risky” banking — her core belief about whats needed.
Jake says this is a political decision.
My understand from HRC is that she left her call kind of leaning toward endorsing Glass Steagall.
I understand that we face phoniness charges if we “change” our position now — but we face political risks this way too.
I worry about Elizabeth deciding to endorse Bernie.
Robby? Podesta? What do you guys think?

How unbelievably contrived. So Hillary’s positions aren’t so much deeply-held beliefs based on any kind of principles.

They’re about as solid and steadfast as Silly Putty. If she needs an endorsement, or if she’s trying to steal voters from Bernie, Hillary will shift her position on a dime.

I’m telling you. There are tons of emails like this.

Finally, it’s obvious that Team Clinton was worried about Juanita Broaddrick early on. In January of 2016, Podesta forwarded to the Clinton Team an email from David Kendall – one of the Clinton attorneys – that outlines everything about Broaddrick’s deposition in the Paula Jones lawsuit.

I found that telling.

I’m sure there will be more in the coming days. And I’ll keep reading them and tell you what I find.

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3 thoughts on “More from WikiLeaks

  • October 15, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    Thank you for this peek into the Clinton sewer, and for saving us the agony. We will try to hit the tip jar so you can buy a really good slime solvent. If you need a referral for a preventative exorcism, we could probably come up with a phone number for you. Just ask. But don’t wait too long. The busy season (Halloween) is just weeks away.

  • October 15, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    Jeremiah’s message fr 29:7- Pray your land prospers, if it does, you shall also prosper.
    This election lots of people are saying both candidates are ‘equally’ bad. They aren’t.
    There is one who intends to do good for our country, and one who intends to harm it.

    Pretend for a moment neither had any past indiscretions, & we ONLY knew what they would do if elected. Fortunately, we know what HC wants because we have her speech to bankers, where she made comments never intended for the public to hear, expressing her desire for a ‘Borderless Hemispheric Common Market.’
    In other words, an end to a sovereign America.

    Folks- the end of America!
    How would one measure the tears in heaven from all who died for this country?
    How do you even begin to calculate the blood spilled for America over her 240 years?
    She & Leftist Elites want to create a super-state combining N & S America!

    The US is the Cadillac of West Hemis. Everyone else is a 10 year-old Yugo. The Yugo drivers would Love the wealth re-distribution. But what happens to Your standard of living if we combine economies? When Leftists say they care about you & all the micro-issues, it’s all talk. They’ll do what THEY want when in power. Proof? Did ObamaDems care about American opinion when passing Obamacare? Public opinion re gender/bathrooms? About low priority of ClimateChange? They do what THEY want even if unconstitutional.

    That’s why the Left has contempt for the uniquely American Constitution, & why they do end-arounds whenever possible with ‘ExecOrders’. They want to convince You it’s a Living Document – making it malleable instead of inflexible. Not so! It is NOT playdough. The amendment process is the ONLY way to change it. But a Leftist SupCrt won’t agree, & will rubber-stamp the Left’s agenda, & will let stand clearly unconst’l Ex-orders. Goodbye to 1st & 2nd Amendments & many other freedoms. The next Prez may have 3-4 SC appoints. If it’s HC making those choices, America becomes a dinosaur.

    MrT warts & all, wants America 1st. Period. John 8:7 says, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the 1st stone.’ Trump is a sinner, as are we all, but he won’t dismantle the very nation that enriched him.
    They are not equal.

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