Presents: How to get Trump nominated


All the ridiculous anti-Trump protests going on today in Arizona and New York lead me to one conclusion.

Either the Leftists at are deeply stupid or they are geniuses.

Between the two choices, I’m think it’s the latter.

What better way to ensure that the Leftist felon H. Rodham Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States than to do everything humanly possible to make sure the guy who faces her in November is the one Republican candidate who simply cannot defeat her?

You would think that if and all their compatriots were really determined to scuttle Trump’s chances of winning the White House, they hold off until after he gets the nomination to pull out all the stops and raise hell. But no. They’re starting their preplanned freakout now while the primaries are still going on.

I think they, like many others, are concerned that Trump doesn’t have this nomination in the bag. So what better way to make sure he arrives in Cleveland with more than enough delegates to secure the nomination on the first vote than to gin up protests, create an inescapable 24/7 news event that provides Donald with more free media airtime than any other candidate in the history of the universe has ever received?

The truth is, and their army of misfits aren’t stupid. They know that the more controversy that surrounds Donald Trump, the more his poll numbers go up. And the more his poll numbers go up, the more people will resign themselves to the fact that he is the presumptive nominee. If they keep up these protests, he’ll have the nomination sewn up by New York.

It really is genius.

Sure, George Soros can’t come out and openly campaign for Trump. And he doesn’t have to, does he? Because for some bizarre reason, bad press and controversy slide off Donald like he’s been Scotch-Guarded. Actually, it’s more than that. Like some mythic creature that gains strength from the fires of hell, Donald Trump only grows more powerful and popular when the trainwreck of his campaign gets even more … well … train-wrecky.

And there’s nothing more train-wrecky than shrieking Leftist protesters dogging his every step. Most Americans are already sick and tired of these vile cretins. Watching hour after hour, night after night of them acting like idiots at Trump campaign rallies will only make people hate them more and feel less repulsed by Trump. and their minions are doing their part to make this arrogant ape seems, well, sympathetic.

And the more sympathetic Trump becomes, combined with the collective irritation and disgust felt toward his tormenters, the more likely it is Donald Trump will sail to the nomination.

And once there, helps to do their part to make sure Obama’s Fundamental Transformation continues on uninterrupted for four more years. Because there is little question that in the General Election, Hillary Clinton will eat Trump alive.

Okay, there is little question of that among those who aren’t gulping down the Trump Kool-Aid like it’s going out of style.

These protests aren’t going to stop Trump from getting the nomination; they are going to ensure it.

And that is exactly the plan.

When you get right down to it, it’s downright diabolical.

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5 thoughts on “ Presents: How to get Trump nominated

  • March 19, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Blocking a bridge or a highway may be speech, but that’s what parade permits are for. You want to block off Main St. and tell everyone how wonderful you are or how awful someone else is,, there’s a procedure for that. These bozos blocking the highway should be criminally charged.
    If there isn’t a law on the books, and I can’t imagine there isn’t, then one should be written. Free speech is standing on the corner or in the park or in a stadium, not in the middle of the street.
    People should also have the freedom NOT to participate in your protest.

    Hmm. When you forcibly detain someone, it’s called “kidnapping”, or “unlawful detention”. Test case, anyone??

  • March 20, 2016 at 12:37 am

    We are soooo DOOMED! The pooch is screwed! Hopefully Hillary will be incarcerated. Obama will just declare himself King, and quell the uppity white priveledge MF’ers with tanks, sarin gas, neutron bombs, and martial law. The Damn U.N. will invade with Cuban Troops, and we will all be living in friggin gulags or some crap! Meanwhile, El pResidente and the first family are all off to visit Uncle Fiidel and Raul. Once there, they will gleefully present the Castro Brothers a neat little package called GITMO. This Nation isn’t falling. This Nation has fallen. We are TOAST! We have screwed ourselves with stupidity and good intentions. Our debtors will slice this country up into thier respective chunks, and drive us all to slaughter houses like cattle. The useful idiots and thier greedy masters will have won. Anachists UNITE! Your day is here. Loot and Burn, pillage and ruin everything you see. The Nation is burning and our leaders are playing in the band. MADNESS, INSANITY, REVOLUTION and DEATH! Well at least lets have a roadblock of our own. Come on lets go, on the count of three, we will get up out of our easy chairs and do something! Right?… Ready?

    LOCK AND LOAD PATRIOTS it is a target rich environment! The poor bastards have us surrounded!

  • March 20, 2016 at 12:59 am

    Yep. They want him nominated. They openly say so on the LSM networks and I see it on liberal blog comments.

    He’ll stall on debating Hillary and then when he is finally forced to, he will just be talking about himself and how great he’s gonna make America or whatever.
    Hillary is too good a liar, she stands her ground and never flinches. Trump has 3 positions on every subject and she can simply call him a liar every time he opens his mouth. The second he calls her a name for staying with her rapist hubby Bill, everyone will go nuts with “sexist!” accusations. And she’ll be on TV with her brave little botoxed face in near tears talking about how she’s used to being treated that way by barbaric men like this because she’s a wimmins!
    IMO, only Cruz, Paul, Fiorina or Rubio could have slammed that witch in a debate.
    Maybe one of trump’s TOP MEN! will debate for him. LOL

    I should buy popcorn ahead of time before the price goes up.

  • March 20, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Trump is the master of the media. He has received more free media than all the others have purchased.

    Name recognition is king.

    Political hot buttons – Muslim immigration in particular and immigration in general are no go-zones for everyone else. Trump uses them like a neutron bomb.

    Thank you leftist loons for making a stink. You are only helping Trump’s cause.

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