Mr. President, veto this damn bill

Another government shutdown is “looming.”

And after searching the very depths of my soul, I cannot find a single cell in my body that gives a crap.

Shut it down.

Go ahead. Shut the damn thing down.

This cumbersome, pork-infested “omnibus” spending bill is not what we voted for.

Yesterday, after reading Senator Rand Paul’s thread on the contents of this 2,000+ page monstrosity, I tweeted out this:

And I wasn’t alone – not by a long shot.

This is the kind of crap we rebelled against.

Yet here it is once again courtesy of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who clearly possess the combined testicular fortitude of a kumquat.

Needless to say, this morning, I was delighted to see this tweet from President Trump:

DACA? With all due respect, Mr. President. You should veto this bill for a whole host of reasons – and DACA isn’t among them.

I don’t give a crap about DACA.

But if it gets you to veto this bill, then fine, veto it because of DACA.

And while you’re at it, veto the damn bill because we didn’t vote for the Federal Government spending over a trillion dollars on crap.

The Democrats don’t run the show. At least they’re not supposed to.

And yet because the Republicans in Congress are so terrified of a government shutdown, they caved to the Democrats on this atrocious bill.

So if the Republicans in Congress don’t have the balls to stand up to this kind of nonsense, it’s up to you, Mr. President, to hold the line.

And veto this damn bill. Stand up for the American people. Tell Congress to start over again, and this time, stop treating We the People like their personal ATM.

Who cares if the government shuts down?

It won’t be the end of the world. And it certainly won’t be the end of the Republic.

But driving us further and further into debt while betraying the voters most certainly will be.

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