Musk lifts Trump’s Twitter suspension, but will he return?

Musk lifts Trump’s Twitter suspension, but will he return?

Nearly two years after Twitter permanently banned the sitting president of the United States, last night, Elon Musk lifted Donald Trump’s suspension and restored his tens of thousands of tweets.

So all those Trump tweets that I’ve embedded into Patriot Retort articles over the years only to see them disappear in January 2021 have now reappeared.

Elon Musk conducted a poll over the weekend asking users if they wanted Trump’s suspension lifted. With over 15 million people voting, Yes won 51.8% of the vote while No received 48.2%. When the poll closed last night, Musk announced that the people had spoken and Trump’s account was restored.

As I was having my morning tea, I scrolled through some of the more unhinged responses to Musk lifting Trump’s suspension, and let’s just say, the Twitter ResistanceLOL is beside itself with rage.

So, situation normal.

“Block Him” trended on Twitter as thousands of ResistanceLOL members finally discovered that they could always block Trump if they don’t want to see his tweets.

For years, we’ve been telling those morons all they had to do was either block or mute Trump’s account and they would never have to be bothered by his tweets again.

But trust me on this one. If Trump starts tweeting again, all of those losers will be right there in his replies screeching angrily because, at the end of the day, the ResistanceLOL can’t resist Trump.

Now, it still isn’t a certainty that Trump will ever return to Twitter. He has said in the past that he won’t, preferring to stay on his Truth Social.

As it is, this is Trump’s most recent tweet:

But even if Donald Trump doesn’t come back to Twitter, at least conservative columnist Stephen Miller can go back to his habit of ending each day by retweeting this:

But return or not, just the presence of an active Donald Trump account has the Twitter ResistanceLOL issuing the usual ultimatums and threats.

This is the social media version of “If Trump wins, I’m moving to Canada!”

In the interests of full disclosure, I voted Yes on Elon Musk’s poll.

I may not want Donald Trump to be the only Republican running in the 2024 primaries, but that doesn’t mean I think he should have been permanently suspended from Twitter.

At the least, banning Trump was a stupid, capricious, and reactionary thing – a knee-jerk reaction to the media overblowing a 3-hour riot into a so-called “Insurrection.”

At worst, Twitter banned Trump as part of a coordinated effort by Big Tech, the media, and the Democrats to create the fiction that Trump “incited” and “insurrection” and that Republicans are a threat to “our democracy.”

Either way, Trump should never have been suspended.

And while I’m not particularly pleased with the way Donald Trump spent the last two years going full-on Sore Loser Hillary, he was a US president, and his tweets, like them or not, are a part of history.

Plus, he could be funny as hell.

I suspect it might be difficult for Donald to resist the temptation to return to Twitter, and who could blame him?

He has over 70 million Twitter followers. That’s a hell of a huge platform to leave lying on the table untouched, especially since Trump is now an official candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Time will tell I suppose.

But one thing is certain. If Donald Trump returns to Twitter, it will not be dull.

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5 thoughts on “Musk lifts Trump’s Twitter suspension, but will he return?

  • November 20, 2022 at 8:31 am

    Last I read, he decided not to rejoin Twitter but plans to stay with his own social media.

  • November 20, 2022 at 2:36 pm

    I say “Make Tweets Mean Again”

  • November 22, 2022 at 1:55 am

    “He has over 70 million Twitter followers. That’s a hell of a huge platform…” Actually, I think he numbered 80+ million when he was banned in 2021. It’s reported that he has roughly 5 million followers on Truth Social. What’s interesting to me is that the SEC filing regarding Truth Social requires certain Trump posts to appear first on TS for a set period of time (6 hours I believe). However, as long as he has fulfilled his TS contractual obligations, he is free to post on other sites, such as Twitter. With the potential to reach 14-15 times the followers that he has on TS, it’s a no-brainer he’ll be back. I think he will wait some time (perhaps a year) and likely coordinate with Elon to allow Twitter to contract advertisers and get other financial arrangements in place before he reappears. I would also not be surprised if in the next year Alex Jones is reinstated on Twitter; although, I think Alex’ main effort would be to get back on YouTube.

  • November 22, 2022 at 1:40 pm

    What does it matter to you shit stain?

    • November 22, 2022 at 2:48 pm

      You’re just adorable!

      Didn’t you just the other day flounce off in a melodramatic, girlish huff vowing you would never to return to this “shit hole” site?

      And here you are, back again.

      I’m dying. LOL!

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