He must be another White Hispanic

Sunday in Virginia, a 22-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador happened across a group of young people on their way to all-night prayers for Ramadan.

Darwin Martinez Torres pulled up to them and an argument erupted.

At some point, Torres grabbed 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen and abducted her.

She was later found murdered – her body dumped into a pond.

Naturally, the anti-Trump Left snapped into action.

It’s another Muslim hate crime thanks to Donald Trump!!

One Amy Siskind – President and Co-founder of “The New Agenda” – tweeted out this.

A white man?

Darwin Martinez Torres – a Salvadoran national and supposed DREAMer – is now a white man.

He must be one of those White Hispanics – that rare breed of folks that crop up from time-to-time when Leftists are desperate to maintain their narrative.

And you know why he’s “in OUR country!” Amy?

Because of Barack Obama.

Obama was the one who turned a blind eye to criminal illegals for years.

As a result, OUR country! was flooded with MS-13 (from El Salvador), rapists, murderers, child rapists and drunk drivers.

Had it not been for Barack Obama unleashing on OUR country! tens of thousands of criminal illegals, my guess is Nabra Hassanen would be alive today.

When Paul Joseph Watson pressed Siskind about this flagrant lie, her response was about what you’d expect from a Leftist whose narrative collapsed like a badly made soufflé.

She blocked him.

After perusing her Russia-conspiracy-laden Twitter feed, it appears Siskind has since deleted the tweet.

But what she didn’t do was admit she was wrong.

Because Leftists never admit when they’re wrong.

Plus, as an added benefit, most like-minded Leftists have the memory of a potted plant. And even those who happily retweeted her lie will have forgotten all about it within a couple days.

And of course Siskind won’t point out that the murder – which she cavalierly blamed on President Trump – was perpetrated by an illegal alien from El Salvador.

Because reality doesn’t fit into her hate-filled narrative, so it must be dismissed or ignored completely.

The Trump Administration has not “turned a blind eye” to this murder at all.

In fact, yesterday ICE lodged a detainer on this Salvadoran in the country illegally.

You see, unlike Barack Obama, President Trump’s administration is working tirelessly to remove these dangerous criminal illegals from “OUR country!”

Even the ones who are apparently White Hispanic.

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One thought on “He must be another White Hispanic

  • June 20, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Good to know the leftist hierarchy for who gets the most preferential treatment. So far islamic tops LGBLTQ, black, and now we see it also beats invader.

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