This must be an example of CNN’s credibility


In an interview with New York Magazine, CNN President Jeffrey Zucker defended his network’s supposed credibility.

He really claimed that CNN’s “credibility is higher than ever.”

Given the fact that their credibility has been in the toilet for years, that’s not saying much.

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday, Wolf Blitzer was fantasizing about an assassination on Inauguration day that would “wipe out” Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Talk about credibility.

But it gets worse.

Did you know that in September, CNN hired Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura?

Yeah. They made her a reporter in their Washington bureau.

And now, with incoming President Donald Trump, CNN will have Laura Jarrett cover the Department of Justice.

Jarrett, a graduate of Columbia School of Journalism, has two decades of experience as a reporter.

No she doesn’t!

I made that up!

Laura Jarrett has zero experience in journalism.

You know, just like Chelsea Clinton when NBC News hired her.

And nothing says “our credibility is higher than ever” than making an inexperienced political hack and daughter of Obama consigliere your DOJ correspondent.

Laura Jarrett attended Harvard Law School. Her only association with the Department of Justice is suing them as a litigator in Chicago.

Jarrett’s “experience” of course is that she is the daughter of Valerie Jarrett.

Wow. I see what Jeff Zucker means. CNN’s got credibility coming out of its yin-yang.

I’m sure we can look forward to many “objective and unbiased” reports from the Brenda Starr of the Jarrett family.

What a complete joke.

Hat tip the New York Post

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