My favorite DIANNY Images of 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, I thought I’d give you my favorite DIANNY Images from this past year.

Sure, it sounds like a brag to point out my favorite images that I created. And I guess in a way, it is a bit of a brag.

But the truth is, I create these images as much to entertain myself as entertain you.

I don’t always hit the mark, it’s true. Sometimes I’ll laugh myself silly over a particular image, but when I post it, it gets zero response from you guys. It happens. But when everything is simpatico, my favorite DIANNY images end up being your favorite DIANNY images as well.

One thing’s for sure, Joe Biden became a favorite subject for me in 2020. The guy is so incredibly mock-worthy, the images tend to make themselves.

So, first up, here are my favorite images from 2020 of China Joe the demented old coot:

Wormtongue favorite DIANNY Images of 2020
RIP MeToo - favorite DIANNY Images of 2020
China Joe - favorite DIANNY Images of 2020
The Big Guy - favorite DIANNY Images of 2020

This one cracks me up to no end. Remember when Joe said if he loses the election he’ll go back to being a college professor (even though he never has been a college professor)?

Big Man on Campus - Favorite DIANNY Images of 2020

And we can’t leave out Joe’s family from the list of my favorite DIANNY Images.

This one was a shout-out to Kurt Schlichter for his nickname for Hunter: “The Snortunate Son.”

Snortunate Son - favorite DIANNY Images of 2020

And while this image of Jill isn’t especially clever, I include it because nothing makes the Democrats crazier than pointing out that Jill is not a doctor.

Nancy Pelosi will never stop being fun to Photoshop – especially after Nancy got caught getting an illegal blowout at the hair salon.

Big Hair Nancy - favorite DIANNY Images of 2020

I even gave Nancy a series of Star Trek hairstyles in response to that shameful, hypocritical incident (You can see those HERE).

I had a tough time narrowing down the 2020 Democrat candidates into my favorite DIANNY images of 2020. There were too many good ones to count. But this one mocking Pete Buttigieg for his penchant for speaking in meaningless platitudes is one of my faves.

Speaking of robots! Remember that side-by-side video clip of Liz Warren giving the exact same post-debate answer to two different reporters?

Warren Bot - Favorite Dianny Images of 2020

Every year I make generous use of the “conspiracy” meme from the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” In fact, in my favorite DIANNY Images from 2019, I included several.

Well, 2020 was no different.

I used it for the loathsome Adam Schiff:

And for the bug-eyed incompetent mayor of Chicago Lori Lightweight Lightfoot:

In 2019, I had a whale of a time photoshopping Eric Swalwell. And let me tell you, I was a tad brokenhearted when he dropped out of the Presidential race.

Lucky for me, in late 2020, old Eric made the news again when we learned that he spent years kanoodling with a Chinese honey trap.

But nothing gave me more opportunity to create some of my favorite DIANNY Images in 2020 than the overblown Wuhan Panic.

I made oodles of them. But here are my favorite COVID Images from this past year:

From my post “Your Friendly Neighborhood Stasi:”

When I noticed people on social media were comparing Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to Caitlyn Jenner, I decided to see if they were right about the comparison. And they were:

In 2020 we learned that CNN was America’s source for Chinese Propaganda:

Speaking of propaganda:

Let’s close with two of the most egregious assholes to spring forth from the Wuhan Panic — Andrew “Grandma Killer” Cuomo and Anthony “Little Man Syndrome” Fauci:

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. I have a sinking suspicion that 2021 will be a hell of a productive year for DIANNY Images.

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  • December 29, 2020 at 7:11 pm

    I’ve been saying Fauci thinks he’s Napolean. Well done!!!

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