My thoughts on Trump’s Press Conference

I just finished watching the press conference Donald Trump held in Los Angeles yesterday with the families of those killed by illegal aliens, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Now, I’m not a fan of human props used for political gain. We have seen this time and again from Obama over the last six and a half years. Obama uses tragedy to advance his agenda and, worse, uses the families of victims as a backdrop while he makes his Castro-style speeches in the foreground.

He did it with the families of the little children murdered in Newtown.

He did it with “mothers of children killed by gun violence.”


It is a despicable and cynical manipulation of people in order to advance his agenda.

Nothing more.

So Trump’s decision to hold this joint press conference made my hackles go up because after six and a half years of these staged events by Barack Obama, I anticipated the worst.

Was it a political maneuver?

Probably. Trump is being attacked from all sides for what he said about criminal illegals. And appearing with these families of victims is politically expedient, and no doubt effective.

But the fact that Trump allowed these people to do most of the talking stands in stark contrast to Obama’s use of human props. Trump did not simply have them stand in a semi-circle behind him holding signs while he droned on and on about illegal aliens. They stood side-by-side with Trump on the podium.

He let them share their experiences. And, yes, it was politically ingenious.

Donald Trump succeeded in two things: he made it about the American citizens whose lives have been forever changed by the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws, and he put a human face on his rhetoric.

I can’t imagine being the parent of a young man or young woman killed by another person. I can’t imagine the heartache, the grief that they must feel.

And as I listened to these people share their stories, I completely understand why they are so grateful for what Donald Trump has been doing.

To lose a loved one to brutal violence is bad enough. And the fact that they lost a loved one at the hands of an illegal alien probably wouldn’t have made the matter worse for them had it not been for the fact that those in authority and those in the press immediately shut down when it was learned that their family member was killed by an illegal.

One of the family members came out and said that when it was learned that her son was killed by an illegal, all cooperation and interest in his death ceased.

Illegals killing doesn’t fit the narrative of the plucky immigrant longing to be an American out of love for the country.

And that was the part of their stories that I found so tragic.

These American citizens — some natural born, some legal immigrants — felt that they were abandoned by their own elected leaders who seemed more concerned about the narrative than they did about them.

It is a more extreme version of how millions upon millions of Americans feel every day.

Our concerns, our welfare, our safety and security take a backseat to illegals. And we are fed up.

This is why Donald Trump is resonating.

Finally, somebody is saying the very things that far too many of us have been saying for years while our elected officials turned a deaf ear.

As I listened to them, I felt less like Trump was using these people as props and more like these people were finally being given an opportunity to be heard.

That in large part was due to the fact that Trump gave them the floor. He stepped back and let them do the talking. More importantly, he listened.

And it would be wise of the Republican Party to take heed.

A very large segment of the nation feel abandoned by Washington — by the very people whom we elected to represent us.

And, rather than address the very issues that Trump has been highlighting, they join the pig pile in condemning him.

As I listened to these family members recount their experiences, it became crystal clear that not only were they victimized by the criminal illegal who committed the violent act that took their loved ones from them; they were victimized by their own government.






And finally, finally someone is not only listening to them, but giving them a venue from which to speak.

I could hear the frustration and anger, the sense of betrayal in their voices, and honestly, it was hard to hear.

Toward the end of the press conference, Trump opened it up for questions from the press.

Though it was difficult to hear the questions completely, it was not hard to hear the disdain in the voices of some of the reporters.

At one point, Trump turned to the father of Jamiel Shaw III and said, “They’re [the press} wise guys. A guy like that? He’s a wise guy.”

When one of the reporters accused Trump of using racist rhetoric, Trump turned to Mr. Shaw and said, “Is my rhetoric racist?”

Shaw stepped to the microphone and said, “No. No, it’s not racist. What he’s doing is he’s speaking … like I said … he’s speaking for the dead. He’s speaking for my son. He’s speaking for the people who can’t speak for themselves.”

The press can’t stand that Trump is not cowed by them. They are so used to Republicans immediately backing down and back-peddling when the press goes on the attack. And Trump won’t do that. The press cannot abide not being able to shut someone up. And when Trump stood up to them, those on the podium with him were emboldened to speak out against these accusations of racism and being “anti-immigrant.”

One mother, an immigrant and naturalized citizen from Germany whose son was half black said, “When I started speaking for my son, usually people don’t connect him and myself, and I was called racist. So I would show them my son’s picture and I say, ‘Okay, what else you got?’ Then they would call me ‘anti-immigration.’ Well, I’m an immigrant. Next. Bring it on! And so finally, we have somebody that says it as it is. It might not resonate with some people, but you have to agree that if you would stand in our shoes without your kids, and you don’t even want to think about that because that’s everybody’s nightmare … every parents’ nightmare. You would look at this a little bit different. And I don’t think Mr. Trump has anything to apologize.”

It is astonishing to me that Republicans who seem so fixated on “reaching out” to illegals don’t realize that there are tens of millions of American citizens whom they are, as a result, ignoring.

Of course Trump is resonating.

We the People are sick of being ignored. And not only ignored, but accused of being racist, xenophobic haters.

So determined is the Left to remake the American voter, as I said last week, what’s a few dead Americans compared to that?

Republicans attack Trump at their own peril. It is foolish and shortsighted.

Because their attacks on Trump are also attacks on those voters who happen to agree with him. Immigration should be strictly controlled, our immigration laws upheld, and our borders rigorously protected — to ensure that no illegal, especially those criminals, rapists and murders have an all-access pass to our country. And most importantly, It is time our own Government put the interests of the American people over those of illegal aliens.

To speak in purely political terms, for the Republican candidates to ignore these people is all but guaranteeing them defeat in 2016.

I’ve included the press conference video in its entirety. Be warned, the sound quality isn’t terrific. You can hear everything, but you also have to endure a persistent buzzing.

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8 thoughts on “My thoughts on Trump’s Press Conference

  • July 11, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    As much as I may like his current stand on immigration, I don’t believe Trump should be our candidate. I don’t believe he has the temperament to be a successful president. The flip flopping he has done over the years doesn’t help him, either.

    • July 11, 2015 at 12:34 pm

      I am in complete agreement. My biggest concern here is the haste with which so many Republican presidential candidates have joined in the pig-pile attacking Trump. He is giving voice to millions upon millions of Americans, and, in attacking Trump, they are effectively dismissing those people. Which, is precisely what Mr. Shaw pointed out when he spoke at the press conference.

      • July 11, 2015 at 2:11 pm

        Trump has opened a dialogue that few, if any, other candidates will address. Bravo, Mr. Trump! I’m glad he’s getting coverage, but I expect that will subside as his opinions gain traction. I don’t think Trump should be President, but, heh, we’ve done worse.

    • July 15, 2015 at 3:38 pm

      Mike, I too share concerns about his temperament, with regards to international diplomacy. On the flip-flopping, however, I perceive Trump as honest. He reported that he had registered Democrat in the past, then Independent, then Republican. Studies show that younger people tend to be more idealistic than informed and therefore lean democratic. With age and maturity come a greater understanding of fiscal responsibility and therefore a trend toward more conservative/republican voting. I don’t know that he’ll make it the distance–and I share the temperament concern if he does–but he’s shaking up “business as usual” with regards to politics, and I’m proud of him for exercising his free speech (which is getting killed by the Politically Correct Mafia) and refusing to bend to the liberal media.

    • July 15, 2015 at 3:41 pm

      Does anyone know which–if any–of the mainstream media sources actually gave coverage to this event. It seems to me that as much of a media magnet as he is, this press coverage was swept under the rug because it’s not convenient for the mainstream media’s liberal agenda and goal of character assassination.

  • July 11, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    Truth is I think Trump is in cahoots with Hillary to run as a third party candidate to siphon off Republican vote to get her elected.

    • July 11, 2015 at 5:33 pm

      I sincerely hope you are wrong.

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