Naïve Former Diplomats Elated Over Iran Deal

According to the New York Times, over one hundred former US diplomats appointed by both Democrat and Republican Presidents have signed on to a letter praising Obama’s surrender to Iran.

“If properly implemented, this comprehensive and rigorously negotiated agreement can be an effective instrument in arresting Iran’s nuclear program and preventing the spread of nuclear weapons in the volatile and vitally important region of the Middle East.”

Who knew a bunch of well-educated wonks could be so deeply naïve?

Do they really believe that negotiating with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism will result in a deal that will be “properly implemented?”

One noted absence among the letter’s signers was Christopher Stevens.

But that may have more to do with him being killed by Islamic terrorists than his not endorsing the deal.

I’m sure if he hadn’t been murdered by the people Iran helps to fund, he might have wholeheartedly supported this surrender.

Of course, a lot of things would go swimmingly if they were “properly implemented.”

But there are two fundamental problems.

Problem number one. How can we expect an Administration that cannot implement a freaking website to “properly implement” this deal?

Problem number two: Iran can’t be trusted.

I mean, seriously. If they really think Iran will comply with any deal, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell them.

Naive Former Diplomats Elated Over Iran Deal
Diplomats always endorse long drawn-out diplomatic gobbledygook because they have to justify their existence.

What diplomat is going to say, “Hey, you know what is a giant waste of time? Diplomats negotiating with terrorist regimes.”

Rush Limbaugh’s “Undeniable Truth of Life #6” is “Our world is governed by the aggressive use of force.”

This is something diplomats cannot wrap their heads around.

The flaw in this deal is simply that.

Iran isn’t going to relinquish its effort to gain hegemony over the Middle East through the use of force.

Even the Obama Administration — from Susan Rice to John Kerry — admit that Iran will continue to fund terrorism and will continue to build up their military, especially now that we are dropping sanctions and handing them hundreds of billions of dollars to do so as part of this deal.

So, how can this deal be “properly implemented” when we know going in and walking away that Iran will continue to pursue the aggressive use of force?

My one hope is that Israel and Saudi Arabia are successful in destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities before the portion of this deal that promises to help Iran prevent such destruction has a chance to be “properly implemented.”

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