Naivete is not a virtue

Naivete is not a virtue

Is naivete a prerequisite to work in the State Department?

I’m beginning to suspect those looking for a job in foreign service must be required to take a class in how to remain as gullible as a child. Because, wow. These guys are so incredibly naïve.

When I was a kid, I thought Germany was in the sky. It made total sense to me. We would get onto an airplane, rise up into the air, then arrive in Germany. Who’s to say we were landing on the same Earth from which we started? For all I knew, we landed on another surface way up, up in the sky.

With that kind of naivete, four-year-old Dianny would’ve been a shoe-in to work at the Biden State Department.

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, those mewling, gullible prats at State kept wittering on about “inclusive government” and “women’s rights” as if the Taliban were the faculty of Oberlin College and not a bunch of backward religious extremists with a tenth century culture.

Last night, I saw this headline from The Hill that actually made me laugh out loud.

State Department Voices Concerns Over All-Male Taliban Government.”

Sweet Jesus.

You know, my thinking Germany was in the sky is cute as hell. This is not cute as hell.

Imagine the level of naivete necessary to actually be surprised that tenth century throwbacks who believe women have zero place in public life decided not to include any women in their government.

Sure, when the Taliban took over, they enjoyed jerking those wankers around by holding press conferences and talking about having women involved. But only a completely gullible fool would’ve believed a word of it.

I’m not that “Germany is in the sky” kid anymore. And even I knew that the Taliban was just jacking up those dinks.

But because they gullibly believed the Taliban, they’re super upset that no women were named to the Taliban government.

One State Department spokesman told the Hill “We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government.”

Well, whoopdie-friggin’-do.

And you really thought that would work? Yeah, that’s just another example of the State Department’s naivete.

Who in his right mind actually thinks telling the friggin’ Taliban “the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government” would make a damn bit of difference to those guys?

The only reason they’re voicing concern is because their expectations were entirely unrealistic. And if they weren’t so deeply naïve they would have known their expectations were unrealistic.

Yet this is the department in charge of US foreign policy and diplomacy.

No wonder we got rick-rolled by Iran, taken advantage of by NATO, hoodwinked by China and blindsided by the Taliban.

Naivete like this from children is adorable. But it isn’t so adorable coming from the people who are charged with maintaining US interests in foreign policy.

It was reported this week that the Taliban was refusing to give clearance to planes carrying Americans at the airport in Maraz-i-Sharif.

The gullible twats at the State Department have repeatedly said that they would hold the Taliban to its word that it would allow safe passage of Americans out of Afghanistan.

But rather than take any steps to hold the Taliban to its word, Secretary of State Blinken explained it away, saying on Tuesday that the Taliban isn’t permitting the flights to leave because not everyone on board the planes has the proper paperwork.

We just evacuated over a hundred thousand people without any paperwork at all. And yet Blinken just naively accepts this claim without any pushback?

If Tony Blinken possessed any testicles, he would be on the phone demanding that the planes be allowed to leave. But unfortunately Tony Blinken has the genitalia of a Ken doll.

What’s the point of saying “We will continue to hold the Taliban to their commitment to allow safe passage” if you aren’t willing to hold them to it?

These are the gullible fools responsible for negotiating with Russia, China, Iran and now the Taliban.

The fate Americans still trapped in Afghanistan rests in the hands of people whose naivete could get those Americans killed.

Naivete is not a virtue. That is doubly true when American lives hang in the balance.

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5 thoughts on “Naivete is not a virtue

  • September 8, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    70 years ago my Cub Scout Pack Master sent me on a snipe hunt. I was exited for an hr. ThenAll but Don!

    Next day I should have put a stern letter in Pack Master’s file. but I dropped the ball!

  • September 8, 2021 at 2:43 pm

    Yes, naivete IS a prerequisite to work in the State Department, but not the only one. Stupidity, arrogance, and distain for their own nation’s ideals and citizens also come to mind.

  • September 8, 2021 at 3:16 pm

    I think that “projection” is also a requirement. It seems that many in the State Department project their own values onto representatives of other countries, even if those countries are throwing homosexuals off of roofs, whipping women in the streets for not having a male escort, or honor killing daughters who fall in love with a non-same-religion man. They cannot believe that other governments are peopled with low life murdering thugs who care not for how the world will “judge” them or how unwoke they are. Thus they get taken for a ride every stinking time they deal with other countries.

  • September 8, 2021 at 3:40 pm

    Incompetence, bluster, and false bravado should not be confused with naïveté. Alzheimer Joe and all the other leftist puppets are dancing and singing exactly as their globalist masters decree. Liberals have been engaged in the long game for decades in their quest to destroy this country and have recently greatly accelerated the pace of their attacks. Attempted abolition of the nuclear family, promotion of the LGBTQEIEIO agenda, human sacrifice (abortion) on a massive scale since 1973, creation and deliberate release of this “deadly” virus (99.7% survival) and the subsequent draconian, useless, economy killing mitigation measures, unopposed, widespread voter fraud which placed democrats in charge of 2 branches of the government, an all out attack on the effectiveness of our armed forces, the disastrous, precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving the terrorists with $83 billion worth of military equipment, the push to force all US citizens to take the unapproved, poisonous jab, and many more actions have greatly weakened our country, destroyed our allies confidence, and emboldened our enemies. Once the US is eliminated, the rest of the world’s governments will fall like dominos, and Klaus Schwab will be well on the way to achieving his dream.

  • September 8, 2021 at 4:06 pm

    I swear, each day looks more and more like ones of Kurt Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull novels!! That idiot Blinkin has to be getting his scripted nonsense straight from the pages of one of those books.

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