Nancy Pelosi: Champion of the Little People

little people

I just love that the Democrats are doubling down on attacking these tax cuts.

You can always count on them to reveal who they truly are.

And despite their claims that the Republicans don’t care about working people, their tone-deaf dismissal of the benefits already being felt by these tax cuts proves they are the ones who are out of touch with regular Americans.

Thursday, after Walmart announced that it was raising its minimum wage and distributing bonuses to its employees, Nancy Pelosi, that champion of the little people said this:

”In terms of the bonus that corporate America receives versus the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic. It’s so pathetic.”


Over a hundred companies have paid out bonuses and raises thanks to the tax cuts.

But to Nancy Pelosi, champion of the little people that she is, it’s pathetic.

I don’t know about you, but a thousand dollars is a hell of a lot of money to me. And if I got a thousand dollar bonus, let me tell you. I could pay every one of my monthly bills and still have money left over by the end of the month.

But to a privileged, wealthy, out of touch gangly old hag like Nancy Pelosi, it’s crumbs.

Victor Skinner over at the American Mirror, called attention to this tweet the champion for the little people sent out in 2011.

Forty bucks will make a difference. But a thousand bucks is “crumbs.”

What’s changed?

Well, obviously part of her beef is that these tax cuts were passed by the Republicans and Donald Trump.

But it’s more than that.

For Nancy the only entity that should, in its infinite mercy, bestow on you more money is the Federal Government.

Letting businesses keep more of their own money to then pay out to their own employees takes government out of the equation.

And for Nancy Pelosi, that is not allowed.

For Nancy Pelosi, champion of the little people, Government alone should decide what goodies we are allowed to get.

Plus, she’s a blithering idiot.

It takes a great deal of condescension to sniff at a thousand dollars.

But this is the Democrat Party.

Nancy isn’t the only one who claims to be a champion for the little people while at the same resenting the little people keeping more of their money.

Rush has said so many times that the Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass. They need Americans dependent on Government.

Which is why they are hell-bent on granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

And by stripping onerous regulations and cutting the taxes on businesses, President Trump and the Republicans actually took steps to reduce the need for us little people to depend on Government.

That is why Nancy’s angry.

Neither she nor anybody else in the Democrat Party want us to succeed — to be financially independent.

A rising tide lifts all boats. And Nancy Pelosi wants to make sure those boats get scuttled before they can rise.

All their talk about “working families” and “the working class” is, in a word, bullshit.

They are the Party of Big Government. It’s the only thing they care about – the only thing they champion.

And these tax cuts, along with deregulation, are hurting that one thing that Nancy and the rest of the Democrat Party are willing to fight for.

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4 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: Champion of the Little People

  • January 13, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Go back to your shithole city and shithole state Nan!

  • January 13, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    “Safaris through ancestral memories teach me many things. The patterns, ahhh, the patterns. Liberal bigots are the ones who trouble me most. I distrust the extremes. Scratch a conservative and you find someone who prefers the past over any future. Scratch a liberal and find a closet aristocrat. It’s true! Liberal governments always develop into aristocracies. The bureaucracies betray the true intent of people who form such governments. Right from the first, the little people who formed the governments which promised to equalize the social burdens found themselves suddenly in the hands of bureaucratic aristocracies. Of course, all bureaucracies follow this pattern, but what a hypocrisy to find this even under a communized banner. Ahhh, well, if patterns teach me anything it’s that patterns are repeated. My oppressions, by and large, are no worse than any of the others and, at least, I teach a new lesson.”

    Excerpt from
    God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert

  • January 14, 2018 at 11:22 am

    Some enterprising reporter should ask Nancy if she and her husband are going to share their tax cuts in their multiple businesses with their workers.

  • January 15, 2018 at 12:59 am

    ‘Scuze me. I’ve got an apocalypse to prepare for, Senator.

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