Nasty Neera Tanden’s tweets are just the tip of the iceberg

Nasty Neera Tanden’s tweets are just the tip of the iceberg

Apparently if you don’t want Nasty Neera Tanden to head up the Office of Management and Budget, it has nothing to do with the fact that Neera is a nasty, vindictive partisan with anger management problems. Nope. It’s because you’re a misogynistic bigot.

So says the Biden Administration.

And so says their obedient scribes in the news media.

redsteeze Nasty Neera tweets

The always useless CNN reporter Manu Raju wanted to know why Senator Joe Manchin would vote to confirm Trump pick Richard Grenell despite his tweets when he won’t confirm Nasty Neera because of her tweets.

Clearly Manu believes Richard Grenell is somehow just as vicious and nasty as Neera Tanden.

I follow Ric Grenell on Twitter. Trust me on this one, Ric is not in any way like Neera Tanden.

No doubt the conclusion Manu Raju wants his readers to arrive at is “Grenell is a white man, therefore Manchin had no problem with him whereas Neera Tanden is a woman of color, and that’s why he won’t vote to confirm her.”

Team Biden is going to the mat for Nasty Neera. Of course they’re argument for confirming her is just as superficial as you’d expect.

So Nasty Neera is qualified to run OMB because of her ethnic background and “lived experience” of growing up in a home that “benefitted from a number of federal programs.”

I have “lived experience” of driving a Ford Ranger. By the Biden Administration rubric, clearly I am qualified to be the CEO of Ford Motor Company.

Well, I would be if my ethnic makeup was not Scottish and German.

But I would expect nothing different from these guys.

After all, Pete Buttigieg was “qualified” to head up the Department of Transportation because he always loved transportation and used to ride the train.

(Oh, and he’s gay. Which is his actual “qualification” as far as the Biden Administration is concerned.)

Then again, if the Senate wants to tank Neera Tanden’s nomination based on tweets, this one alone gives them plenty of justification:

Nasty Neera Cuomo tweet

Instead of going back and deleting the thousands of nasty-assed and vicious tweets she’s sent out over the years, Neera really should’ve deleted that one.

The nasty tweets confirm her temperament to be sure. But that one confirms she’s as dumb as a box of rocks.

But it isn’t just Neera Tanden’s vicious tweets that make this woman unsuited for work in “public service.” They’re just a symptom of a larger problem.

I learned quite a bit about Nasty Neera by reading through the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks in the fall of 2016.

While most people scoured through the Podesta emails searching for proof of criminal activity, I read through them to get a fuller picture of the toxic, ugly environment that made up the Clinton campaign. And Nasty Neera was Ground Zero for a lot of the toxic ugliness.

She aims her vitriol at everyone from people who live in the South to Bibi Netanyahu, and to Hillary Clinton herself.

In fact, reading the Podesta emails exposed just what a two-faced little backstabber Nasty Neera is. At the same time Neera was appearing on cable news as a Hillary surrogate, behind the scenes she was constantly bitching to Podesta about what an awful candidate Hillary Clinton was.

Now understand, Joe Biden had nothing to do with Neera Tanden’s nomination. I doubt there’s a single nominee old Joe personally selected – including his vice president.

But within the System, Neera is what’s known as a Company Gal. By that, I don’t mean she’s loyal. Just read through her back-stabbing emails to John Podesta if you don’t believe me. But Neera is swimming in corporate and foreign cash. That makes her valuable to the System.

And the System always rewards its own.

Nasty Neera isn’t being nominated to head OMB because she’s “qualified;” instead, she is being rewarded for keeping the System in charge. I’d also posit that Neera’s nomination is a thank you gift for, among other things, aiming her trademark viciousness at Bernie Sanders and the rest of the far-Left wing of the Democrat Party that had the temerity to take on the System in 2020.

What remains to be seen is if Nasty Neera will survive this confirmation. At this point, it may come down to Bernie Sanders. And if anyone has any reason to not want Neera Tanden anywhere near the levers of power, it’s Bernie.

As yet, Bernie hasn’t said how he’d vote. And given Bernie’s history for stabbing his own supporters in the back to uphold the System, I wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses to confirm her.

Nasty Neera isn’t the last of Biden’s wholly inappropriate and unqualified nominees.

And sadly, unlike the Democrats who never break ranks, there are at least four Republicans who, in the name of “bipartisanship” and “civility” (how ironic) will probably vote to confirm each and every one of them.

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    With the nomination of Nast Neena, can’t you just FEEL the unity!

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