Nero de Blasio: Fiddling with paint while NYC Burns

Nero de Blasio: Fiddling with paint while NYC Burns

As NYC descends into chaos and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez plays out her own personal production of Les Misérables, Nero de Blasio is fiddling with paint while NYC burns.

These people shouldn’t run a lemonade stand.

And yet AOC is a sitting legislator and Nero de Blasio is the Mayor of America’s largest city.

Murders are up 23% — shootings have skyrocketed by 70.4%.

Sunday, a one-year-old boy named Davell Gardner was shot to death while sitting in a stroller at a barbecue.

And what is Nero de Blasio focused on?

Well, the important things.

See, someone splashed red paint all over the newly painted “Black Lives Matter” graffiti in front of Trump Tower.

Now, if you ask me, splatters of red over the BLM graffiti is an absolutely fitting enhancement for this city-funded vandalism.  Though, it might be too on-the-nose.

But Nero de Blasio was not amused!

He wasted no time and no city expense to right the great injustice of … red paint on his graffiti.

Nero de Blasio tweet

Yes! The Black Lives Matter movement is more than words!

It’s paint!!!

I’m sure that will be a comfort to Davell Gardner’s family.

Sure, they lost their precious baby, but at least the BLM graffiti in front of Trump Tower got cleaned up lickety-split!

Hey, Nero de Blasio has his priorities.

The fate of black lives, however, is not one of them.

What really matters to Nero de Blasio are words painted on the street – all to “own” Trump.

That matters even more to this idiot than some random chick in Central Park “facing consequences.”

And Davell Gardner, among countless others, has paid the price for Mayor Sherwin-Williams’ lack of leadership.

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2 thoughts on “Nero de Blasio: Fiddling with paint while NYC Burns

  • July 14, 2020 at 11:20 am

    The people that voted him in office need a wake up call. I don’t know what more Blasio can do to NYC before they realize they screwed up.

  • July 14, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    Right across from Gracie Mansion, the Trump people hung a H U G E TRUMP 2020 banner. DeCommio is pissed.

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