Never underestimate the grassroots

Never underestimate the grassroots

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Last night, I got to thinking about the enthusiasm and excitement I saw at Ted Cruz’s campaign stop here in Syracuse. This is the exact same enthusiasm that led the way for the 2010 and 2014 Midterm landslides for Republicans — on the Federal level, but also on the state and local level.

Donald Trump has spent the last week sputtering with flaccid rage over the supposed “rigged” system in Colorado. His supporters, happy to join him, have howled and bitched and complained and threatened. Donald wanted them to show up in Denver yesterday to protest this alleged “rigging” of the process. But all those supposed “thousands and thousands” of disenfranchised Colorado Trump supporters couldn’t be bothered to show up. Instead a few dozen did.

[And herein may lie the reason Trump did so poorly in Colorado]

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to complain. Hell, anybody can sit on his ass and complain from morning till night. That pretty much sums up Donald Trump’s entire election strategy.

But to actually have to get up and do the work to change things separates the true grassroots majority from the army of sedentary complainers.

When grassroots conservatives are fired up and excited, we see electoral shifts the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Because these guys are doers, not just Internet commenters who descend on every website, Twitter account and Facebook page to whine and complain.

Imagine if in 2012 the Republican Party had offered at the top of the ticket a solid, rock-ribbed conservative candidate with the full force and might of the conservative grassroots behind him.

How much different would it have been — not just for the Presidential election, but down ticket?

Imagine if the excitement and enthusiasm that propelled us to landslide victories in the midterm elections happened during a Presidential election year.

Imagine it happening this year.

One of the reasons I believe that Ted Cruz is the best prepared to face the Democrat nominee in the General Election is because he has spurred the grassroots conservative movement into action. Yes, many if not most of them are angry with Washington. The difference is, instead of just complaining about it and stewing in their collective anger, these grassroots conservatives are getting off their asses and working to do something to change Washington.

Cruz has a team that is organizing in every state to coalesce the grassroots and rally them to the first true Constitutional Conservative presidential candidate we have had in a generation. Cruz’s campaign has tapped into that same enthusiasm and drive that brought about the Tea Party landslide in 2010 and the follow-up landslide in 2014. He is bringing that midterm momentum and fire to a presidential election year.

Ted Cruz isn’t simply tapping into some passive anger; he’s generating excitement and action.

Why is Cruz outmaneuvering Trump?

That’s why.

While Trump riles people up and plays on their anger, Cruz is busy firing people up and spurring them into action.

Talk is cheap.

Angry talk, though it may be louder, is equally cheap.

So while Trump has been talking and talking and talking and shouting and talking and whining and talking and shouting and complaining and talking and shouting, Ted Cruz has been doing.

While Trump has been talking about how he has yet to start talking about Hillary, Cruz has been building a grassroots army in every state to take the fight to the Democrat nominee county-by-county, state-by-state in order to win in November.

It’s called a “ground game.” And Ted Cruz’s ground game is made up of those scrappy, hard-working Tea Party and conservative grassroots people who have been busy over the last six years turning towns, counties, states and Congress Red.

Never underestimate the grassroots conservative movement. While others sit and complain, the grassroots is out there doing the work. While inside-the-beltway Republican moan and whine that a Cruz nomination would harm the down-ticket Republican races, they fail to comprehend that Cruz’s army of grassroots conservatives are the very people who have ensured the down-ticket Republican victories we have seen since 2010.

This conservative grassroots army of doers would not only propel Ted Cruz into the White House, they would deliver yet another down-ticket Republican landslide in his wake.

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3 thoughts on “Never underestimate the grassroots

  • April 16, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Trump is a talker. Whatever measure of success he’s had has been in convincing people to do what he wants them to do. Period. No evidence that he knows what a Constitutional government is, much less implement one.
    But, he’ll build a wall. And it will be yuuuge. And it will be bigger than anyone else’s wall. And Mexico will pay for it. Trust me.

  • April 17, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    tRumph is just another “False Prophet.” He is loud and verbose but sorely lacks basic substance. He is like another Dianny post suggests a “cardboard cutout candidate.” Uncle B.S. is the other side of the same coin. The most amazing thing to me is the Obama like cult of personality that surrounds these two faux father image icons. The followers of these two are simply grabbing at straws, dreaming of a utopian America where We the People don’t have any responsibility, and everything is just handed to us on a friggin silver platter because, because, just because we deserve it all, now. Everything will be handled by the onipotent central father figure, AKA El Presidente. Nothing could be further from the truth. It has been, and will always be true, throughout all eternity, there will always be hard work to be done in order to enjoy the benefits of such labor. Hasn’t the last 7+ years of an not-so-omnipotent leader been proof of this: THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH, anywhere!

    TRUSTed Cruz all the way. It won’t be easy to repair our Republic, everyone will have to “put thier shoulder to the wheel, and push along.” If we listen to these false prophets the wagon will stop. We all have work, let no one sherk thier responsibilities. That is how this Nation was built.

  • April 17, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Amen, Dianny! And to Mike and G.W.’s comments, as well. What has amazed me since the Trump phenomenon began last summer, is why conservative people have bought into what he’s saying. I mean, I get it; I, too, thought maybe he was gonna be different, at first, ’cause he definitely said all the “right” things. But by the end of the summer, I thought something wasn’t right. That’s when it began to hit me that we, as conservatives, were, possibly, about to be duped; just like those folks who were Democrats, who bought into Obama’s “Hope and Change” rhetoric. Just like those folks got swept along with the emotion, and euphoria of having the “first black president,” I think Trump supporters got caught up in the emotion and hype of how he wasn’t “a career politician;” or someone who couldn’t be bought. (PLEASE…his book is entitled “The Art of the Deal.” This man knows quite well how to play the game.) But most of all, he definitely hooked them by saying all they things conservatives have been bullied into keeping quiet about. And he didn’t appear to care. They saw that as fearlessness. But I really believe they been duped.

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