The #NeverTrump remote island dwellers

Island dwellers

Remember those stories from years ago about Japanese soldiers who were found on remote islands in the South Pacific who believed World War Two was still going on? I’m beginning to view the #NeverTrump movement that way. Remote island dwellers who refuse to surrender the Republican primaries.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve dropped several “conservative” sites from my bookmarks and from my blog roll here because they are still trying to destroy Donald Trump as if the primaries are still going on and another Republican still has a chance to be the nominee.

I wasn’t a Trump supporter in the primaries. I voted for Cruz.

But the primaries are over. Cruz lost; Trump won.

With all due respect, kids. Get over it. This extended snit-fit has precious little to do with “standing on your principles.” It does nothing to stop the never-ending march of the Institutional Left. In fact, for the sake of your supposed “principles,” you are helping to advance the narrative of the Hillary-shielding Enslaved Press.

At least those Japanese soldiers on those remote Pacific islands knew who their enemy was.

If Cruz won the nomination, I would support him. More importantly, I would hope that those who did not support him in the primaries would have the sense God gave a goat to support him as well.

But Cruz lost. Trump won the nomination. The primaries — as hard fought as they were — are over. I had to get over my own disappointment that my guy lost and start looking at the bigger picture.

Our enemy — the enemy of this Constitutional Republic we call the United States of America — is the Institutional Left. And the candidate of the Institutional Left is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I want that woman to lose. I want her to lose big. Trump is the only candidate positioned to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. This makes him my ally.

Meanwhile, the #NeverTrump island dwellers are still fighting the primary battles as if they hadn’t ended three months ago.

I used to read The Right Scoop every day. I can’t anymore. The breathless excitement exhibited there over every Trump “gaffe” and Enslaved Press-generated Trump hit-piece got so bad, I started thinking I was visiting a rabidly pro-Hillary website.

What finally sent me packing was the insipid remote island-dwelling inhabitants of the comments section. I haven’t seen that much unbridled, hysterical gloom and doom over Donald Trump since I stupidly ventured onto Hillary’s boot-licking site The Briefing.

I keep hoping the site will come around. Every few days I bring up the main page of The Right Scoop to see if they’ve gotten off of their remote island and rejoined the real world. A quick glance at the headlines confirms they still don’t know the primaries are over, so I leave the site without reading a single post.

Meanwhile, outside of the remote island of #NeverTrump, we here on Planet Earth grasp the basic truth that if Trump loses, Hillary Clinton will become the forty-fifth president. And with her victory, the Institutional Left will become even more entrenched in our government, our culture and our society.

Let me help you out, remote island dwellers. The primaries are over. Our opponent is Hillary Clinton, and a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be a bad thing.

“But Trump is just as bad as Hillary!!! He’s a Democrat plant!!! He’s a fraud and a con man!!! It should have been Cruz!!! If you vote for Trump, you’re voting for Hillary!!!”

Yes. Some of them really do believe a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Just ask Erick Erickson who actually penned a barely coherent column at the Resurgent with that very headline.

Logistically speaking it makes no sense.

“Choose an ice cream flavor: chocolate or butter pecan.”

“Chocolate please.”

“By choosing chocolate, you’re choosing butter pecan!!!”

“But I’m holding the chocolate ice cream in my hand. I’m eating it right now.”

“It doesn’t matter! Because you chose chocolate, you’re choosing butter pecan!!! You should have chosen cookie dough when you had the chance!!!!! But no! You wouldn’t choose cookie dough so all we’re stuck with is chocolate and butter pecan! And because you choose chocolate, you’ve chosen butter pecan!!!”

That isn’t just illogical. It’s insane.

Maybe I lack the nuance and that oh-so-smug intelligence of Erick Erickson. Perhaps that’s why I cannot understand how a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Or — and this is probably more likely — perhaps it’s simply because I’m not wandering around a remote island thinking the heated battles of the primaries are still going on.

The #NeverTrump island dwellers have been so blinded by their own anger, they don’t even make sense anymore.

Their sputtering hatred of Donald Trump has turned them into de facto advocates for Hillary. Yet they irrationally argue that cheering on a Trump loss doesn’t mean they are helping Hillary win. No! You people voting for Trump are helping Hillary win, not those of us who refuse to vote for Trump!

My grandmother was a paranoid schizophrenic, and it was way easier to reason with her than the #NeverTrump island dwellers.

There’s still hope that some of them will finally realize just how deep in the jungle they’ve wandered. Hell, if Brad Thor can realize being #NeverTrump would leave us at the mercy of a Hillary presidency, there’s reason to be hopeful.

In the meantime, I’ll just steer clear of the #NeverTrump sites. Lupus is already making my hair fall out, I don’t need to give it any assistance by reading websites that make me want to yank it out by the handful.

Now, get off that damn jungle island, kids. The war is over.

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6 thoughts on “The #NeverTrump remote island dwellers

  • August 16, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been walking around for months wondering if I’M the one who’s lost his mind.

    Hillary v. Trump seems like a pretty easy decision to make, particularly when you think about a Supreme Court packed with commies.

  • August 16, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    I have just received my Cargo Cult Rations for the month and found a fairly recent copy of a newspaper saying that Trump has given a couple of noteworthy speechs this week. The story said that he actually made good sense. FINALLY!! Maybe he finally got a descent speechwriter, or he was able to stay tuned to the teleprompter under threat of bodily harm. Perhaps he just got tired of tasting shoe leather everytime he spoke. He is all that we have. We will have to hold our noses again and vote for the schlub. Like it or not we once again find ourselves saddled with a less than desirable candidate. Yeah, yeah we will still pull the wagon along like the oxen we are. We always do. Just keep the rations coming we love our Orange Soda and SPAM.

  • August 17, 2016 at 12:07 am

    I think Thomas Sowell summed it up nicely when he said, “A vote for Trump is like playing Russian roulette with the future. A vote for Hillary is like putting a shotgun to your head and pulling the trigger.”

  • August 19, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    You do not owe Donald Trump a vote any more than you owe Hillary Clinton a vote. There is no moral demand that you must support a particular candidate. Furthermore, if in good conscience you cannot support Trump, you must obey your prior duty to obey your conscience. When Cruz said conservatives should “vote their conscience,” he was reiterating a basic moral duty. To abandon what we think is right is to throw standards of right and wrong in the trash.

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