New Poll: Americans are behind Trump’s immigration agenda


Well, I’m a little late to the game today. Sorry.

I had my six month appointment with my fabulous rheumatologist this morning. That always eats up a large part of my day what with all the freaking blood they draw and whatnot.

The good news is, my doctor was thrilled with how trim and muscular I’ve become over the last nine months. Last spring she encouraged me to start a weight training regimen to increase muscle strength around my joints. I’ve been faithfully following it and the results are noticeable.

In fact, I’m starting to look pretty ripped, if I say so myself. I mean, for a girl.

Given how the drug cocktail has wreaked havoc on my body, it was nice to get some encouraging news. Now I can say to myself, “sure you’ve lost all your hair and get sick at the drop of a hat, but damn, girl, are you ripped!”

Any old how.

I don’t know if you heard about the latest Harvard/Harris poll that was released this week.

But it is eye-opening.

As I’ve been saying for the past couple weeks now, the majority of Americans are supportive of President Trump’s immigration agenda – something the Democrats seem unwilling to believe.

And here we have another poll that confirms that.

A whopping 79% of those polled support merit-based immigration over chain migration.

In other words, 79% of Americans want to go back to what immigration was before Teddy Kennedy ruined it in 1965.

And though over 70% believe there should be some kind of DACA for illegals brought into the country as children, 60% believe their parents and relatives should not be given any preference over immigrants who follow the law.

That’s huge because that is one thing the Democrats want.

But this poll doesn’t just show support for stopping illegal immigration. It also shows overwhelming support for limiting legal immigration as well.

In fact, the total percentage of those who want less than a million legal immigrants allowed in annually was 72% — with 35% of those wanting to keep legal immigration below 250,000 per year.

Don’t doubt me. That is significant.

And then there’s border security.

Sixty-one percent of respondents believe current border security is inadequate. And 79% want our borders secured as opposed to having open borders.

Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin hardest hit.

And when it comes to building a physical wall, again a majority — 54% — support it.

So I’m not sure where the Democrats come off saying “nobody wants the wall.” Clearly the majority do.

Likewise the majority – 68% — oppose the “Diversity Lottery” program.

Finally, this question: “Would you favor or oppose a congressional deal that gives undocumented immigrants brought here by their parents work permits and a path to citizenship in exchange for increasing merit preference over preference for relatives, eliminating the diversity visa lottery, and funding barrier security on the U.S.-Mexico border?”

In other words, do you favor or oppose President Trump’s position?

A vast majority – 65% — are in favor of this deal.

The pro-amnesty/pro-immigration position of the Democrats and the Jeff Flake Republicans is completely out of sync with what the American people want.

I’ve said for over a year that Trump’s victory was largely motivated by his stand on immigration.

And I think this poll supports that.

As Ann Coulter pointed out in her book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, Trump was the only candidate who was advocating for the issues Americans actually cared about.

And clearly that hasn’t changed.

Now I have to go lie down. Though I might be ripped, Lupus is still beating the hell out of me today.

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One thought on “New Poll: Americans are behind Trump’s immigration agenda

  • January 23, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    Sorry your not feeling well today. As to being ripped, I’ve known a few women in my time who could easily kick my butt and that didn’t make them any less feminine – in fact, quite the opposite. They were still “babes” – but babes you dared not mess with if they didn’t want to be messed! Per the issue, no matter what you think of The Donald, he’s an undeniable genius at knowing where the majority of Americans stand on most issues, and then manipulating the DemoRATS and their Lapdog Media into hysterically defending the opposite.

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