Next time leave the White House Reporters home

Next time leave the White House Reporters home

Instead of talking about whether or not Joe Biden’s first foreign trip was a success (spoiler alert: it wasn’t), I really think we need to examine the job performance of the White House reporters who came along with him.

Because, boy, howdy. Were they awful.

Listen, part of the problem with White House reporters is they’re nothing but a catty, obnoxious clique. Their questions are gossipy and uninformed. And they can’t let go of their partisan hatred long enough to let politics end at the water’s edge.

Is it any wonder the White House reporters were barred from Biden’s meeting with Turkey’s President Erdogan on Monday? Good grief, even the Biden people know those goofballs are going to make idiots of themselves in front of the foreign press.

I tried following some of the questions those dopes asked during Biden’s post-Putin press conference, and really, those guys haven’t a single clue about foreign policy. If they aren’t able to limit their questioning to things like “Why are the Republicans obstructing you” or “What flavor ice cream did you get” they are way, way outside of their comfort zone.

Be honest, when you saw this clip of Biden yelling at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, didn’t you smile a tiny bit? Because I did.

Biden was right, by the way. He never did say anywhere in that press conference “I’m confident Putin will change his behavior.” Kaitlan’s one and only job is to cover the President and accurately report what he says, and apparently that’s too much to expect from Kaitlan. Though I’m sure she knows exactly what flavor ice cream Biden had for dessert.

Then again, I’ve always kind of hated that dizzy, smirking dope.

It is kind of funny though. The same White House reporters who rallied to Kaitlan’s defense when Trump’s team barred her from a Rose Garden event after she created a disruption in the Oval Office, are now siding with President Biden for giving Kaitlan a public dressing down.

But, see, that’s what I mean. These White House reporters are just like cliquey mean girls. And Kaitlan broke ranks by inadvertently exposing to the world what a hot-headed old man Grandpa Joe is. So she gets the brush-off and, worse, is forced to accept Biden’s subsequent apology live on the air.

Michael Tracey was tweeting during yesterday’s press conference and I think he really hit the nail on the head:

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a State Department press briefing. But those reporters, unlike the White House reporters, really know they’re stuff. They ask intelligent informed questions not the gossipy silliness like we saw over the last several days.

From now on, when Biden travels overseas (provided the White House lets him after this disastrous trip), the only reporters who should accompany him are the ones assigned to the State Department. Leave the cast of High School Musical back at the White House cafeteria where they belong.

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4 thoughts on “Next time leave the White House Reporters home

  • June 17, 2021 at 2:29 pm

    What enchanted you the most? Obama had to answer it and Joe should too. Real reporting (sarc).

  • June 17, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    Stupid reporter, check. Stupid question, check. What isn’t being discussed is Biden’s attack mode response, which is becoming his modus operandi. The press screamed for four years about President Trump not maintaining the decorum of the office. However, when dopey Joe inappropriately blows a gasket (frequently), the response is “ho hum, nothing to see here”. Increased irritability and aggression, along with the word salad, inability to read the teleprompter, brain freezes without any ice cream, inattention and wandering off (“Dr.” Jill has a full time job here) are clear-cut signs of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. One has to wonder how long the demonrats will wait before ending this elder abuse circus and install the equally incompetent cackling hyena-ho, and move forward with their plan to destroy the country they took an oath to protect and defend.

  • June 17, 2021 at 7:09 pm

    Can you imagine spending a few hundred thousand bucks and six-years to wind up with a Master’s Degree in Journalism? Other than voice-training, makeup and hair, what could they possibly be teaching those dummies? Journalism used to be an honorable and important service to society. Those days are long gone. I haven’t read a newspaper or watched a “news” TV show in decades. They are stupid, worthless, and not entertaining. Politicians now handle that stuff.

  • June 19, 2021 at 10:30 am

    I clicked on the link to your past missive-“Trump Spends Vacation with People who Like Him” and felt a little sick and nostalgic.

    You wrote-
    “Way bigger than record low black unemployment or consumer confidence skyrocketing.
    It’s way bigger than a booming economy and rising wages.”

    Sigh. What happened? What was wrong with the job this man was doing? Liberals just didn’t like that he was a smart, wealthy, patriotic white man.
    The country’s done a 180 since then.
    It’s glaringly obvious these dingbat Dems are the problem.

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