No wonder women are fleeing

The Enslaved Press is downright mystified by Hillary’s crumbling support from the one voting bloc they thought would enthusiastically embrace the former Miss Rodham. The mass of Muslim invaders pales in comparison to the sheer number of women fleeing the Hillary campaign.

Except for these girls.

For people who carp on and on about how women are just as smart and savvy as men, I really can’t understand why they’re so surprised that the girls don’t want to hitch their wagon to this duplicitous, felonious hag.

Do they think that women suffered some collective memory loss?

Do they think we can’t remember the shrill, noxious bitch who headed up the smear campaigns against every single woman who was a victim of her handsy perv of a husband?

Hillary is using her Twitter feed to feign support for women who are victims of sexual assault and she’s doing it without any sense of irony.

I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault. Don’t let anyone silence your voice.

Hahahahaha! Oh, okay, Hillary.

You have a right to be heard…

Unless of course you’re accusing her husband.

And you have a right to be believed….

Unless of course you’re accusing her husband.

We’re with you.

Unless of course you’re accusing her husband, in which case she will see to it that you are dragged through the mud, threatened, followed, and intimidated into silence.

Can you believe her?!

No wonder women are fleeing Hillary.

This woman will say anything, do anything, take any position if she thinks it will secure her the Democrat nomination.

She’s counting on the mindless loyalty of stupid women.

And apparently, there are far fewer of them in America than she thought.

No Wonder Women are Fleeing 2

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