None of them won but the American people lost

If you endured this painful debate and you’re anything like me, you were gripped with an overwhelming urge to hide your wallet and checkbook.

Yes, I sat through the whole damn thing. Two and a half hours that I will never, ever get back.

Four of these cranks stood on stage and tried to out-Liberal each other while one guy just kept trying to act like a sensible human being.

Poor Jim Webb. He has no idea why he’s running for the Democrat nomination. That’s okay. Lindsey Graham has no idea why he’s running for the Republican nomination.

None of us understand that one, actually.

This was two and a half hours of five people demonizing the makers while pandering to the takers. Two and a half hours of spend, spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax, tax.

And who wins?

Certainly not the American people.

Let’s be honest. None of them won but the American people lost and lost big time.

These five people want to continue spending this nation into crippling debt.

They all talked as if there is some bottomless pit of money secretly squirreled away by the Billionaires in America who control the universe. And they and they alone had the power to tap into this bottomless pit of money without in any way disrupting our economy or increasing our unsustainable debt.

If nothing else, this debate shines a bright light on why nobody from the Democrat Party should EVER be permitted anywhere near the White House again — not even to take a tour.

This kind of reckless ignorance is mind-boggling. And if any of those five people were to become President of the United States, we could kiss this nation goodbye.

There is no longer a Democrat Party.

This is the Socialist Party.

(Sadly, Jim Webb was the last to learn that. He’s probably standing back stage even as I write this scratching his head and wondering how he ended up at the CP-USA debate.)

The only thing they believe in is Government. Not government of, for and by the people. But Government over the people.

When, at the end, Anderson Cooper asked who is the enemy they are most proud of making, I was actually stunned they didn’t all answer, “The American people.”

This was a two and a half hour parade of fools.

Ignorant, short-sighted, arrogant fools.

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