The Nosy Parker Candidate

Remember Mrs. Kravitz – the Nosy Parker neighbor of Samantha and Darren Stevens in “Bewitched?”

Hillary Clinton reminds me of her.

Golly, I wonder why.

As far as I can noodle out, Hillary isn’t running for President as much as she’s running for Busybody-in-Chief.

In the previous post I mentioned the planted, scripted question a child actress asked Hillary at a town hall.

The question can be boiled down to this.
”Donald Trump says mean things. What are you going to do as President to help little girls with body image problems?”

Yes, because the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure we had a President who tackled “body image” issues.

Now, I don’t expect this child actress cast in the role of “random girl in the audience” to know that Article Two of the Constitution — which outlines the role of the President — says nothing about “body image.”

Like every actress, she’s just reading the lines given to her. And those lines were provided by the Clinton camp. Which means Clinton’s own campaign wants their candidate to focus on “body image” issues among young girls.

Now who in her right mind would think that fielding a question about “body image” would make her look like a serious candidate for the highest office in the land?

But for Hillary Clinton, that’s pretty much standard operating procedure.

Stop and consider some of the issues Hillary is campaigning on:

As President she will talk to white people about what it means to be black. She will make us take a hard look at our own implicit racial bias.

When Hillary is President, she will help little girls feel better about their appearance, eradicate the scourge of bullying and be a role model they can look up to.

Hillary views education as “the most important non-family enterprise in the raising of the next generation.” [Check out my post about that HERE].

Mrs. Kravitz Clinton isn’t running to be President and Commander-in-Chief. She’s running to serve as National Nosy Parker.

Hillary’s entire agenda seems to revolve around engineering our country and society in all the ways she believes we should be living.

It’s why she thinks nothing of calling half of Trump’s supporter irredeemable and deplorable. We don’t act in a way that is satisfactory to her. We’re not what America is about. Therefore, we are not really American.

For Hillary, the President isn’t the Chief Executive of our Federal Government and Commander-in-Chief of our military. The President is a Nosy Parker busybody who has to mold and shape “the next generation” into what she deems “true Americans.”

Only a Nosy Parker Candidate would tell us what are and are not “American values.”

Donald Trump is running to lead.

Hillary is running to hector – to poke her nose into every aspect of your life and determine whether or not you are worthy to be called “American.”


It’s the amazing pettiness of it that gets to me.

Hillary talks about “big ideas,” but there is nothing “big” about her ideas.

Imagine a multi-trillion dollar corporation hiring a new CEO, and her first order of business is to make sure the employees aren’t afflicted with “body image” issues.

No wonder people say Hillary Clinton reminds them of a nagging ex-wife.

The reason Hillary avoids talking about the issues that matter to the American people is because, really, those issues don’t matter to her at all.

At least not as much as keeping school children from being subjected to “hurtful words” or women being fat-shamed.

Nosy Parker Hillary doesn’t believe we Americans are capable of knowing what is good for us.

That’s her job.

Honestly, it is a really small-minded way of thinking.

Donald Trump is campaigning on things like illegal immigration, border security, national security, growing the economy, reducing strangling Government regulations and putting America first.

Meanwhile, Hillary is prattling on about having a President who’s a “role model” to young girls.

It would be laughable if Hillary were an obscure third-party candidate.

Sadly, she is not.

Sure, she pops off about “big bold ideas” and “hard choices.” But the truth is, Hillary’s campaign is based on nonsensical, trivial matters that no serious Presidential candidate would ever look twice at.

So, no. It isn’t Donald Trump who is trivializing the office of President.

It’s the lady who’s lecturing Americans about “implicit racial bias,” bullying and body image that is.

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2 thoughts on “The Nosy Parker Candidate

  • October 6, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    I wonder sometimes what alternate universe I have wandered into, when I hear Hillary, who enabled her rapist, sexual predator husband to continue uninterrupted, and defended another rapist by slut shaming the 12 yr. old rape victim, put into a coma by her rapist, knowing her rapist client was guilty, laughing about getting him off the hook, how she would focus her attack on Trump for saying mean things to women and potentially harming their “body image”.

  • October 6, 2016 at 11:03 pm

    Stellar tandem pieces, Diann.
    Libs are the party of prevarication.

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