Do they not teach Occam’s Razor at Starfleet Academy?

I think George Takei was hugged too much as a child.

That seems to be the simplest explanation as to why he now believes his every insipid comment is just the most wonderful and witty uttering ever.

It’s as if he thinks he’s the modern-day Oscar Wilde.

Spoiler alert: he’s not.

Once again the gormless prat took to Twitter to wow us with his inappropriate snark directed at a man who lies in the hospital after an assassination attempt.

He must have been so proud of himself! Look at all the retweets he got!!!!

Oh, if only his mother were with us. I can just hear her now.

”Oh, Georgie! Aren’t you a clever little boy! Here, let Mama give you a hug!”

Star Base to Ensign Sulu. This “black lesbian” has a name, you insufferable git.

And her name is very well known by those who think of her as family. And that includes Steve and Jennifer Scalise.

Special Agent Crystal Griner has worked as one of Congressman Scalise’s personal security for quite a while now.

In fact, yesterday in her statement on behalf of her husband, Jennifer Scalise wrote:

Most importantly, we are forever grateful for the heroism of Special Agents Crystal Griner and David Bailey, who saved the lives of everyone at the baseball field that morning, including Steve’s. Crystal and David have been family to us for years, and we ask that you continue to pray for their full recovery.

Yup. Sure sounds like Mr. and Mrs. Scalise are a couple of homophobic racists!

But George is one of those identity group bean-counters.

When he looks at someone, he doesn’t see a young law enforcement officer who risked her life to protect others. No, he looks at her and ticks off two categories: black and lesbian.

And since Steve Scalise is a Republican who opposes gay marriage Sulu quickly lumps him into the “Hater” category.

Then, he tweets out his ignorance, holds his head up smugly, dusts off his hands and calls it a day.

There’s this little thing called Occam’s Razor. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

The idea is this:

When given a set of explanations for a problem, the solution is most often found among the least complicated explanation.

Don’t they teach Occam’s Razor at Starfleet Academy, Sulu?

It seems to me like the least complicated explanation here is that Congressman Steve Scalise not only knows Crystal Griner, but also likes and respects her as well.

Given that, the only conclusion I can arrive at is Steve Scalise is not the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, ugly human you portray him to be.

Leftist will never grasp Occam’s Razor. They can’t. When the simplest explanation flies in the face of their preconceived prejudices, they would rather twist themselves into pretzels to make their bigoted explanation fit than to simply admit they were wrong.

This is exactly what George is doing here.

If I were to arrive at a conclusion of my own, Sulu, it would be that you are a hateful, shriveled old crank who is so desperate for attention you tweet out every mindless, horrible thing that bubbles up in that stew you call a brain.

In short, you’re kind of an asshole.

But on the plus side, it is nice to know that should the day come when you lie in critical condition at a hospital, it will be totally okay for me to tweet out the most hateful and nasty things about you that I can dream up.

And just friendly warning.

The word thing?

It’s kind of my thing.

So brace yourself Sulu. When that day comes, my verbal phasers won’t be set on stun.

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2 thoughts on “Do they not teach Occam’s Razor at Starfleet Academy?

  • June 21, 2017 at 10:17 am

    Glad to see more and more people are seeing through the bs pulled by leftists. But I do have to say.. In my opinion calling them by any of the buzzwords that they call us, such as bigoted or racist, is a tad bit of ignoring Occam’s Razor as well. Its entirely understandable because those terms do seemingly apply to them much more than anyone on the right. But, Occam’s Razor dictates that the simplest explanation or solution to a problem is often the most correct. And while they do project all of their wrongdoings onto ‘right-wingers’ there is a simpler explanation. They behave like communists, they speak like communists, their agenda is communist, their protests and rhetoric is identical to the communist revolutions of the mid-late 1800’s and early 1900’s, all communist literature is steeped in the use of the tactic of ’embracing minority and outcast demographics in order to invent notions of widespread and systemic oppression in order to bring about the conditions for a coup’..

    George Takei isn’t a racist or a bigot, he is a FILTHY COMMUNIST.

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