Nothing says “Empowering the public” like Sean Penn

Nothing says “Empowering the public” like Sean Penn

After OAN White House Correspondent Chanel Rion asked President Trump to comment on the major media “players” that are parroting the CCP’s propaganda, CNN’s Brian Stelter was apoplectic with rage.  See, Rion’s question provided President Trump an opportunity to criticize the disinformation churned out by our news media.  And that was beyond the pale for Stelter.

Via Skype, he appeared on CNN to whine about it saying, “he [Trump] took three steps back today by assailing the media at a time when the media is empowering the public with information to stay safe.”

Is that what CNN has been doing?

“Empowering the public with information to stay safe?”  Really?

Yeah. That tweet sure makes me feel empowered with information to stay safe. How about you?

But wait! It gets even more empowering!

Later in the evening, CNN’s Anderson Cooper did a little of that “empowering the public with information” during his “CNN/Facebook Global Town Hall” on the Wuhan Virus by inviting on world-renowned infectious disease expert Sean Penn.

Just kidding!  Sean Penn isn’t an infectious disease expert.  He’s an actor.

He doesn’t know squat about dealing with a pandemic.

Sure, Sean Penn knows how to find his mark, beat up paparazzi and divorce Madonna.  But other than that.

Yet this is the guy CNN invites on for their Global Town Hall on the Wuhan Virus.

But sure, Brian.  Tell us more about how you’re empowering the public with information to stay safe.

Really, the only information CNN and the rest of these clowns are empowering the public with is ChiCom propaganda.

In Wednesday’s press briefing on the Wuhan Virus, four different reporters used their question time to lecture President Trump about how racist it is to call COVID-19 a “Chinese Virus.”  One reporter even berated him for an anonymous staffer allegedly referring to it as “Kung Flu.”

Is that “empowering the public with information to stay safe?”

And yet Brian Stelter wasn’t reduced to a quivering mass of cellulite over those four reporters wasting time quibbling over what the virus is called.

Given that this “IT’S RACIST!!!” talking point is the exact same one the ChiComs are pushing, maybe Chanel Rion had a point.

In yesterday’s briefing, the President and his team discussed promising news about treating the Wuhan Virus with an existing anti-malarial drug.

This is huge news and you’d think something CNN and the rest of the slack-jawed mean girls in the White House press corps would focus on.

Right, Jim Acosta?

Of course not.

Instead, they got all fussy and angry over Chanel Rion’s question – even leaving a passive/aggressive note at her desk in the White House press room.  Which, of course, CNN’s Oliver Darcy quickly tweeted out in order to empower the public with information to stay safe.

Becket Adams empowering the public
Hillbilly tweets empowering the public

You’d think after spending the day pretending to be outraged over Rion’s question, the idiots at CNN would have had the sense God gave a goat to invite to their town hall someone with actual information with which to empower the public to stay safe.

But instead they chose Sean freaking Penn.

JK tweet empowering the public

This is not a serious news network.

They are not interested in empowering the public with anything — let alone anything that would help us stay safe.

And they’re so lacking of self-awareness, not to mention saddled with an over-bloated sense of self-importance, that expecting them to actually rise to meet this challenge and work to keep the public informed is too much to ask.

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4 thoughts on “Nothing says “Empowering the public” like Sean Penn

  • March 20, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    Dianny, knowing you’re a BigFur follower, I’m sure you saw Rion’s glorious response to the cowardly anonymous note she received:

  • March 20, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    “You can’t fix this, Spicoli!”

    • March 21, 2020 at 5:25 pm

      Spicoli’s comments have fully empowered my middle fingers, so therre’s that….

  • March 20, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    If you can find the videos of what the Chinese are eating, and if you have the stomach to get thru it, it will confirm that this virus IS the Chinese virus. (I actually couldn’t get thru the whole video; I was ready to puke).

    After watching what I could of this one video (there is another one that I haven’t had the stomach to watch), I am firm in my belief that I will never eat Chinese food again.

    It’s that disgusting.

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