Nothing Says Environmentalist Quite Like Litter

This past week, in honor of “Earth Day” a bunch of filthy people gathered on the National Mall for a concert and left behind them piles and piles of trash.

This ain’t the first time that’s happened.

As a matter of fact, in September of last year, across the globe, environmentalists gathered in cities to march for “Climate Action” and left in their wake tons of garbage and litter.

The column I wrote about it now appears in my book RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama, and I am reprinting it here:

Nothing Says Environmentalist Quite Like Litter – September 22, 2014

On Sunday, a crowd of folks who really, really, really, REALLY care about the environment took to the streets of cities like New York and London to March for “Climate Action.”

@therightsarah posted these images on the Twitters:

This one:

Litter Tweet 01

And this one:

Litter Tweet 02

Ah, yes. Nothing says Environmentalist quite like litter.

Where’s the crying Indian when you need him?

Nothing Says Environmentalist Quite Like Litter

Let’s face it. These people don’t give a crap about “saving the planet.”

The “Green” Movement isn’t about restoring or saving. It is solely about destroying.

They seek to destroy Capitalism.

They seek to destroy wealth.

They seek to destroy the Free Markets.

They seek to destroy Individual Liberty and Freedom.

They seek to destroy all the things that Communism sought to destroy.

As Mark Levin has said time and time again, “Green” is the new “Red.”

Same movement, different talking points.

Why should they care if they leave garbage all over the streets and sidewalks?

They really don’t care about the environment of the planet.

This has never been about being good stewards of the world God created for us.

Keep in mind, the Tea Party folks are famous for picking up after their rallies. They leave places cleaner than they were before they arrived.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Environmentalists are just filthy commie pigs.

And like every movement born out of the Left, it is filled to the gills with people who are pissed off.

They hate America.

They hate Western Civilization.

They hate freedom.

They hate prosperity.

They are motivated by hatred, resentment, envy and all manner of rage.

The Environmental Movement has been very good for the Communists.

What a terrific way to sneak into the lives of a free society and fundamentally transform it into a command and control tyranny than by appealing to those who want to “save the planet!”

Problem is, the Communists in the Environmental Movement do a piss-poor job at disguising their true intentions.

If this were a real “environmental” movement, do you think they would leave that kind of crap and garbage all over the streets?

Hell no.

But this has never been about being good stewards of the planet.

This has never been about saving the polar bears or hugging a bunny.

This has always been about destroying a society built on the principles of Liberty, Private Property, Free Market Capitalism and Prosperity.

These filthy slobs are the same pissed off, hate-filled cretins they have always been. They’re made up of the same angry, vile bastards that occupied Wall Street and crapped on police cars.

And the proof is in the litter.

The Left has always been about destruction. The Left has always been motivated by anger and rage.

These angry commies don’t give a damn about the planet. And the proof is in the litter.

They are motivated by the same anger that inspires their Leftists comrades to accuse anyone who opposes Obama’s agenda of being a racist.

It isn’t about building up a better future.

It is about tearing down the present.

It is about Fundamental Transformation.

It is about tearing a free society into shreds and trampling it under foot like a whole lot of trash left in the streets.

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