Nothing says LOVE like separate vacations

In case you missed it, yesterday was Valentines’ Day.

I’m sure you probably got the hint when you saw the stage for Saturday night’s Republican debate. Why the hell else would CBS decide on a red and pink backdrop? Dear Lord that was nauseating. I had to dose up on Dramamine and have an air sick bag at the ready just to watch the damn thing.

The Obamas — that happy, loving couple infesting the White House — spent their Valentines’ Day weekend in separate states.

Barry was off golfing with his buddies in California. Michelle and the girls were taking their annual skiing trip to Aspen.

Yup. Nothing says love like separate vacations.

Do these two ever spend any time together?

Nothing says LOVE like separate vacations

Truth is, I completely understand why Barack wouldn’t want to be in the same state as Michelle (and vice versa). Frankly, I’d be happier if we could jettison them both into space — but on separate rockets of course, so they don’t have to go weightless as a couple.

Of course spending their Valentines’ Day apart didn’t stop them from subjecting us to a contrived social media “Look! We’re a happy couple!” love-fest.

There’s not enough Dramamine or air sick bags in the world to get me to click the link for that video.

Not even close.

I’d sooner gnaw off my own arm and beat myself over the head with it than watch that video.

But apparently Michelle was the only one who felt the need to tweet out her Valentines’ wishes. Barack was more interested in celebrating “Marriage Equality” this Valentines’ Day than keeping up the pretense that he gives a crap about the First Shrew.


Celebrating gay marriage while spending the weekend as far away from Michelle as possible golfing with other guys?

Seems a bit like a red flag, n’est ce pas?

Seeing as the Supreme Court found the heretofore hidden Gay Marriage clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, why is Barack still hawking “marriage equality?” Did he not see the Rainbow lights on the White House? Someone should really tell him that the Supreme Court, in their role as Legislators already made “marriage equality” “the law of the land.”

Given Barry’s fixation with “marriage equality,” perhaps Michelle’s poem should have started with “You’re the President and I’m your beard.”

Personally, I don’t give the hairy ass of a rat where Barack and Michelle celebrate Valentines’ Day. I just wish they would stop spending our money to get there.

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  • February 15, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    Chewbakkah and Lil Barry sitting in a tree, along came a conservative, out of work, pissed off, lumberjack who cut the damn thing down. THE END! oops! Gotta Go!

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