Now Do You Get it?


I had originally included in this column the YouTube clip of Melissa Harris-Perry’s interview with Rachel Dolezal, but it has subsequently been removed. Fortunately for you, I dutifully transcribed the the first two question asked by Melissa Harris Perry and the strange, meandering, bizarre answer Rachel Dolezal provided:

MHP: I’ve heard a lot of people ask you the question, “Are you African American or Caucasian?” I’m not gonna ask it that way.
RD: Heh heh heh. Right.
MHP: Are you black?
RD: Yes.
MHP: What do you mean when you say that. What does it mean to you to assume the mantle, the identity of “blackness?”
RD: Well. It means several things. First of all it means that I have really gone there with the experience in terms of being a mother of two black sons, and … um … really owning what it … what it means to experience and live black … blackness. And um … so that’s one aspect. Another aspect would be that I … as a … from a very young age felt a sp… I don’t know … a spiritual … visceral … just very instinctual connection with … um … “Black is beautiful” … um … you know … just … just … the black experience and wanting to celebrate that. And … and … I didn’t know how to articulate that? As a young child … I mean kindergarten or whatever … like you don’t have words for what’s going on. But certainly that was … that was shut down … I mean I was socially conditioned to not own that. And to … um … be … be limited to whatever biological identity was … was thrust upon me and … and … narrated to me … and … and so I … I kind of felt pretty awkward? A lot of times? With that? And … um … I remember … when … Larry and Ruthanne chose to … to adopt … um … my younger siblings … and … I … knowing some of the resistance to just my independent spirit … and … creative ways that I wanted to express myself, I was … I felt like … who has … who is gonna be the link … for the kids?

Did you follow that?

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. I’m guessing the user deleted this video because it made Rachel Dolezal sound like an imbecile.

Now this (again, you can skip the vid since I took the bullet for you and transcribed the text):

Michael Eric Dyson: “Yeah, it’s striking to me that her parents want her to pledge fealty and fidelity and loyalty to her true roots. You know, but … but what Rachel has suggested … uh … look … that … is that she has embraced …uh …. uh … an African-American culture, a black identity, that seems to run counter … ah … to what her parents desire. Now I understand people getting upset on the black side, on the white side saying, ‘Look just be who you are and still stand up for what you stand up for.’ I get that, Ed. But on the other hand, you know, those of us who talk about race is a social construct … that it’s more complicated … Bill Clinton is the first Black President … though he didn’t try to claim he was black … it means that she may not be African-American, but she certainly could be black in a cultural sense. She’s taking on the ideas, the identities, the struggles. She’s identified with them. I bet a lot more black people would support Rachel Dolezal than would support say Clarence Thomas. So the point is, how do we talk about useful blackness, the utility of blackness in the service of justice and I think here we haven’t answered that question yet.”

Whew! What a load of manure.

Moving on.

Now this:

Geraldo: I think Jeb Bush in some ways is more Latino than Marco Rubio. I think that his Spanish is just as good. Marco Rubio is of Cuban descent and Cubans tend to be a splinter … a Right-Wing Republican splinter of the broader Democrat/Latino Community.

Why am I sharing these clips?

Trust me, it isn’t to torture you endlessly by making you endure the convoluted, nonsensical words of people who claim to be super smart but are in reality ignoramuses.

I do have a reason for this.

And it is this.

For Liberals, race is not a physical fact; it is an ideology. Specifically, a Leftist ideology. “Blackness” has nothing to do with skin color. “Latino-ness” has nothing to do with what nationality you were born into.

“Blackness” and “Latino-ness” is an ideology of thought.

And that ideology is Liberalism.


Rachel Dolezal is “black” because she embraces the Leftwing Ideology of Victimhood and Division. She has “useful blackness” because she buys into the radical racial politics of the Left.

Jeb Bush is Latino despite being white because he buys in to the “broader Democrat/Latino” ideology whereas an actual Latino is not Latino because he doesn’t embrace the politics of the Left. He is a splinter … not authentic.

For Liberals, it has never, ever, ever been about blacks or Latinos.

It has always, always, always been about Ideology.

And if that means they toss blacks aside to embrace a radical Leftist white woman who really owns “what it means to experience and live black … blackness,” then so be it.

Now do you get it?

Blacks as a race of people mean nothing to Liberals.

Ideology means everything.

Latinos as a “culture” mean nothing to Liberals.

Ideology means everything.

We Conservatives have known this for a very long time.

It is the reason that a man like Clarence Thomas is vilified by Liberals as being a “race traitor.”

He isn’t a “race traitor;” he’s a ideological traitor.

Liberals own blacks. They own them. You are not to deviate from their approved beliefs and ideology.


And if you do deviate, you are accused of not being authentically “black” despite the fact you have black skin.

Naturally, if they can accuse Clarence Thomas of not being black, they can claim a white woman with the right ideological make-up is black.

Black people mean nothing to Liberals unless those black people surrender independent thought and agree to buy in to the Liberal ideology.

Now, Liberals have co-opted all Latinos. And, like blacks before them, Latinos mean nothing to Liberals unless those Latinos surrender independent thought and agree to buy in to the Liberal ideology.

And woe be the black or Latino who refuses.

They will be accused of being race traitors.

They will be accused of not being “black enough” or “Latino enough.”

While a white woman from Montana is black enough.

Liberals are seriously twisted.

But, as is always the case, Liberals always push too far.

And Rachel Dolezal, in my opinion, is a bridge too far.

While blacks are horrified at Leftist imbecile Melissa Harris-Perry, I’m not in the least bit surprised that Perry seems to accept as fact that a white woman can be black because she’s “really gone there with the experience” and “felt a sp… I don’t know … a spiritual … visceral … just very instinctual connection with … um … ‘Black is beautiful’ … um … you know … just … just … the black experience and wanting to celebrate that.

Melissa Harris-Perry is a Leftist first and a black woman second.

Geraldo is a Leftist first and a Latino second.

If it is necessary to insult and denigrate your race in order to advance Liberalism, trust me, they will.

And they will toss you aside in a heartbeat in order to keep the march of Liberalism going full steam ahead.

In July of last year after I read a tweet from Congressional Black Caucus member John Lewis who tweeted out: “We are all connected. We can’t just build a wall or a fence and say no more. This is America. Our doors are open,” I wrote a column called “Cast Aside.” In it, I wrote this:

This is the problem when you have a party that uses people by lumping them into identity groups and pandering to them to garner their votes.
When push comes to shove, the individuals they have assigned an identity group really do not matter to them.
Blacks are going to be relegated to the background. Democrats got their undying loyalty. Democrats have so successfully beaten them into submission that they feel they can ignore the plight of black Americans while they go after another identity group.
And another, and another.
So while black unemployment continues to rise, their neighborhoods descend into chaos, those black “leaders” in Washington will ignore them.
Because they don’t need them anymore.
They have been used up. They have been sucked dry.
And now, blacks have been cast aside.
Liberals need this invading army of foreigners to remake the American voter. They need these people to give the patina of a “democratic process” to their conquering of America. Liberals believe that these illegal foreigners from Marxist countries south of our border will happily and willingly vote for the nation’s conquering.
And they will pull out all the stops to ensure these invading foreigners are well cared for on the taxpayer dime in order to effectively buy their votes in perpetuity.
The very same thing they have succeeded in doing to blacks.
This is why European immigrants who have been waiting for years to legally enter through the front door are not being approved.
This isn’t about America’s doors being open to all. America’s doors are being open to poor, illiterate, unskilled foreigners who will, by all accounts, happily vote for Democrats.
Liberals are like locusts. They have decimated black America. Now they have moved on to a new identity group. They will pick them clean too, but not before ensuring their fealty.
I can’t think of a better argument for blacks abandoning the Democrat party than this.
You were used.
As surely as blacks of 150 years ago were used by plantation owners to toil in the fields for nothing, you are being used.
The Democrat Party has enslaved you once again.
And, because Liberals are never satisfied. They seek to enslave poor, uneducated, diseased foreigners from Central and South America.
Sorry Kid
Liberalism is, and has always been, an ideology rooted in tyranny and enslavement. They need a permanent underclass to exploit.
And while they have exploited blacks and are exploiting illegals, they themselves become fat and happy off of it.
The Conservative movement sees every person as an individual — not an identity group. The Conservative movement recognizes that each one of us is an American — a sovereign, free individual.
We fight for the principles of our founding, not for identity groups we can use and cast aside.
We fight for the individual — for liberty, justice, equality under the law.
The fight we are leading will lift every American — regardless of color, regardless of gender.
The very principles of Conservatism are the principles espoused by Martin Luther King.
We do not judge on the color of one’s skin, but on the content of one’s character.
We do not see people as victims, but as sovereign individuals living in the greatest nation on the face of the earth.
Our fight is not for white America, but for every American.
And while the Congressional Black Caucus seeks to relegate blacks to the back of the bus while they pander to illegal aliens, we Conservatives seek to restore this nation to what it is meant to be — a nation of sovereign individuals, each of whom should have the freedom to pursue their lives and their interests without a tyrannical government getting in the way. To break the chains of bondage that are keeping every American citizen from living a life of freedom and individual sovereignty.
Is John Lewis doing that?

Okay. I just finished this up and found this clip from Greta’s show.

Laura Ingraham nails it:

Laura: Well, imagine if she didn’t happen to be Liberal, and she was a right of center … maybe even a Republican *gasp* woman and she came out and she said, “Greta, you know. I’m identifying as a black woman and I’m against Affirmative Action, and I think Al Sharpton is fraudulent. I think all this race stuff that’s going on is really poisonous. But I identify as a black person now.” I think all these people in the “Civil Rights” movement who happen to be more Left wing, a lot of people for Civil Rights aren’t Left wing, but the people on the Left would say, “How dare you! You’re stereotyping the way black people look with your hairstyle and your look and you’re maybe even putting on an accent, you’re putting on a false gig here.” So … so .. in other words, she can only be authentically black if she happens to be Liberal.

Now do you get it?

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