Obama and the Heckler

I’m sure you’ve seen either all or part of this video clip already. But, here’s the video of an LGBT-MOUSE amnesty advocate heckling Obama during his LGBT-MOUSE event at the White House:


Now, as painful as it is to watch for so many reasons, it’s worth taking some time to deconstruct.

Because this little video clip is chock-a-block with useful “teachable moments.”

First, is it any wonder the Secret Service wasn’t able to stop some kook from hopping the White House fence and making it all the way inside?

Let’s be honest here, with Obama as President, they had to relax their protocols quite a bit. Leaving aside that Commie Valerie is his chief advisor, he’s got a thug and tax cheat like Al Sharpton coming by all the time, not to mention radical, open-border militant gays.

Which, as Obama pointed out in this video, he invited into the White House.

If I were with the Secret Service, I think I’d quit. How can you possibly do your job when the very person you’re protecting is the one who keeps inviting the foxes into the hen house?

Now, I’ll be honest, I do think we can all empathize with Mr. Obama.


Hear me out.

Here he’s got this radical, open-borders gay guy yelling at him and lecturing him and not showing him an ounce of respect.

Let’s be honest. That’s been happening to us for over six years. We can relate.

I do find it ironic that President Obama who has encouraged gay activists and stoked the fires of their anger is getting a little blowback.

Though, buck up, Barack. At least this loudmouth didn’t drum you out of business, sue you for mental “rape” and bankrupt you.

You unleashed these idiots on the rest of us. Turnabout is fair play if you want my opinion.

It was strange that the LGBT-MOUSE audience didn’t come to the gay guy’s defense as they would have had this gay guy not been able to get a wedding cake baked. I mean, they always side with their fellow gay guy.

Instead, they came to Obama’s defense.


Never mind on that one.

But the thing about this mishegas that really struck me may seem small to some, but I think it is extremely significant.

I realize that most people were offended by Obama’s claim that this heckler was “in my house.”

And, yes, I agree. It isn’t his house. It is the People’s House. And, given the felonious, unconstitutional bullshit that has been going on in our house for the last six and a half years, one heckler is small potatoes.

But that’s not the thing that hit me dead between the eyes.

It was when the crowd began to chant.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but on occasion hecklers have interrupted speeches by conservatives. It happened a lot at CPAC the year of the Occupy Movement. It happened to Marco Rubio just last week at the Faith and Freedom conference.

And when conservatives get heckled, the audience, like they did here at the White House, will begin to chant.

But it’s what they chant that makes this so striking.

When conservative audiences drown out a heckler by chanting, they chant, “USA! USA! USA! USA!”

And what do Obama’s little faithful chant?

“Obama! Obama! Obama!”

Sure, it may seem insignificant, but I think it speaks volumes.

It says a lot about the people Obama “invites to his house,” doesn’t it?

Much like everything else in Barack’s life, he chooses people who will make it all about Barack.

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One thought on “Obama and the Heckler

  • June 25, 2015 at 10:46 am

    The “heckler” was a fake. Look at the gay, racist pResident’s face when the “heckler” starts – he EXPECTED it.

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