Obama and the Myth of the Finite Pile of Money

I live up here in Central New York where the snow generally begins to fall sometime around Thanksgiving and continues well into April. We even had a Mother’s Day storm not that long ago.

Every municipality has one or several salt sheds from which plow trucks load up with rock salt and then head out to clear the roads. The big, honking plow trucks can load up with tons of salt, whereas the smaller salters may only get a cubic yard or so in their bins. But everybody goes to the salt shed and loads up from the salt pile.

Barack Obama sees the economy as one big pile of money from which we draw our “share” and head out to live our lives. And that pile, that finite pile is all there is.

So, a “hedge fund manager” can swoop in with his great big truck and load up with millions of dollars from the finite pile of money. But, the poorer “folks” only have a wheelbarrow or an old cat litter bucket, and can’t possible scoop up nearly as much as the “hedge fund manager.”

And since that’s all the money there is, well, it’s really unfair for the “hedge fund manager” to take more money than he can possibly spend in a lifetime while poorer “folks” can’t get as much.

Because once that pile is gone, well, then, it’s gone.

So we have to make it fair. We have to make sure that the “hedge fund managers” can’t come in and take a huge amount of money — more than they will possibly use in a lifetime — while leaving so little of the finite pile of money for the “folks” who are struggling.

Obama and the Myth of the Finite Pile of Money

There is one fundamental problem with Obama’s belief in a finite pile of money.

It’s not true.

Or, as Ronald Reagan put it, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

There is not a fixed, finite amount of money floating around out there. The rich aren’t rich because they took more than their fair share of a finite pile of money.

The beautiful thing about a free market is as money is invested in the economy, more money is made.

Wealth begets more wealth.

That’s why, when taxes were lowered during the Coolidge, Kennedy and Reagan Administrations, suddenly the economy grew, jobs were created, more people had more money and, in turn, were able to spend that money which resulted in more jobs and wealth being created.

There isn’t a fixed, finite amount of “wealth” from which all people draw.

The free market expands the amount of money available.

And a rising pile of money lifts all boats.

I have a bachelor’s degree in classical philosophy and Biblical Studies and an MFA in playwriting. And yet I understand economics better than the President of the United States.

Because understanding the free market really only takes two things: Common Sense and experience.

The very two things Barack Obama does not possess.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that I read Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. But, really, if you have common sense and experience, Sowell’s book is a breeze to understand.

Obama has never had a business. He’s never been a part of the free market. He is steeped in ideology, and, has yet to reside in the real world. He went from college, to community organizing to law school to the faculty lounge to politics and to the White House.

And nowhere along the way did Barack Obama ever experience the free market.

He’s benefited from it.

But he has never been a part of it.

Only someone deeply ignorant of reality would believe there is a finite pile of money.

But even if we were to play along with the silly man, there’s a problem with his myth of the finite pile of money.

If, as he claims, there’s only so much and then there’s nothing, why is he so insistent on the Federal Government taking so much of it?

In the first seven months of this fiscal year, the Federal Government confiscated a record one trillion, eight-hundred and ninety-one billion, six-hundred and one million dollars in taxes [Hat tip CNS News].

Over one point eight TRILLION dollars in seven months.

Well, if there’s a finite pile of money, why the hell are you taking so much, Barack?

Imagine if all that money had remained in the free market economy.

Imagine how many jobs could have been created.

Imagine how many people could have been lifted out of poverty because finally, FINALLY, they had a job that paid the bills.

Imagine how much more money could have been created because that one point eight TRILLION dollars was able to be invested into the economy.

Barack Obama’s ignorance about the free market and his blind faith in Marxism has a very real impact on you and me.

Our own President has done more to damage the creation of wealth and the expansion of financial security and stability for every American citizen than anyone or anything else.

Sure, he can sit down at Georgetown University and pontificate and sound all smart and cerebral.

But this idiot doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about.

And sadly, we’re all paying the price.

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