Obama in a Pantsuit

There’s the Devil in a Blue Dress.

And then there’s Obama in a Pantsuit.

As much as she may try and recast herself as a new kind of politician. She’s the same old tired, failed Marxist of the past.

Hillary Clinton brings absolutely nothing new to the Presidential race.

So desperate is she to garner the support of the far-Left wing of the Democrat Party, she will, like this current President, abandon the working class voters, the coalminers, the laborers, the blue collar workers, all the people that used to be solidly Democrat. She, like Obama will drop them all in favor of the neo-Communist, Global Warming, One World Government Kooks of the Left.

She isn’t a candidate for the future.

She is another retread of the past.

Obama in a Pantsuit.

Same failed policies without the Brooks Brothers tie.

Obama in a Pantsuit

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