#ObamaGate: Trump puts Barack in the spotlight

#ObamaGate: Trump puts Barack in the spotlight

The hashtag #ObamaGate is trending on Twitter.  Thanks in large part to President Trump tweeting it out.

Now Twitter is in a bit of a pickle.  Because #ObamaGate isn’t just trending.  It is TRENDING.

#ObamaGate trending

I’ve been calling this #ObamaGate since early 2017.

Because there was no doubt in my mind that behind the cabal of shiftless bad actors was the guy I called “The New Nixon” — Barack Obama himself.

Naturally, desperate members of the Twitter ResistanceLOL are trying to get TrumpGate to trend too.  Because the only weapon these hapless idiots have is “Well, oh yeah?!”

But there’s no un-ringing this bell.

Sure, the news media is doing its best to avoid reporting on the revealing details gleaned from the recently released RussiaGate transcripts.

That’s one part covering their own asses and two parts covering for Barack Milhous Obama.

In addition to directing the spotlight onto Obama, President Trump has also been tweeting out links to some really good articles about ObamaGate.

Including Mollie Hemingway’s excellent column “Obama, Biden Oval Office Meeting on January 5 Was Key to Entire Anti-Trump Operation.”

And Margo Cleveland’s column “Why Did Obama Tell the FBI to Hide its Activities from the Trump Administration?

And Lee Smith’s column “Newly declassified evidence undercuts former DNI Clapper’s testimony to Congress.”

Like I said two years ago, this whole scandal had Obama’s stench all over it.  The more these previously hidden documents come to light, the clearer that is. And if we had a free and independent press, there would be loads of questions coming Obama’s way.

But we don’t have a free and independent press.

The so-called “mainstream news media” spent three years lying about RussiaGate.  They spent eight years covering for Obama – going so far as to repeatedly claim his Administration was “scandal free.”

So if they address President Trump getting #ObamaGate trending on Twitter, it will probably be phrased something like this:

“Trump claims, without evidence, that President Obama was behind so-called ‘RussiaGate’ scandal.”

Or, they’ll take the Don Lemon approach:

“Trump is slandering President Obama because he’s jealous of him.”

Or, they’ll go the Brian Stelter Route and berate any news outlet that is paying attention to #ObamaGate because “Americans are dying of coronavirus!!!”

This is the single biggest scandal in the history of the country. A sitting President actively seeking to spy on a Presidential candidate then smear him and his Administration as being Russian assets.

Trump is right. What the New Nixon pulled off is far, far worse than what President Nixon did with Watergate.

This is what makes Trump’s tweeting about #ObamaGate flat-out genius.

Now the media will have to cover the story.

How can they not? They’ve spent the last three years hyperventilating over President Trump’s Twitter feed.  It’ll be impossible for them to not take the bait.

Even if their way of addressing it is to claim “Trump is trying to distract from his handling of the pandemic,” they’ll still have to grudgingly cover it.

They’ll bring on every single paid contributor whose last job was working in the Obama Administration to shriek and whine and complain. And we now know that a lot of those contributors are under oath admitting there was nothing to the Russia/Trump collusion narrative.

The media with push back hard. And in their desperation to shield Obama, they will inevitably push too hard and too far.  It’s what I call “Operation Backfire.” And all that pushing, all that shrieking and whining, rather than take the focus off of Obama, will only make the spotlight pointing in his direction even brighter.

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