Of course Ben Rhodes was sad

@ColumbiaBugle tweeted out this short clip from HBO’s documentary on the last months of the Obama White House. And I have to say, it’s both painful and hilarious.

“I can’t put it into words; I don’t know what the words are.”

Well, if that’s the case, Ben, I think we’ve zeroed in on why you’re a failed novelist.

Now, ordinarily I don’t take so much pleasure in someone’s personal sadz. But I’ve always been a sucker for Schadenfreude.

And you had me at the first incomplete sentence, Benji.

But of course Ben Rhodes was sad.

The Obama Administration – along with the Hillary campaign – attempted to steal a Presidential election.

And the one thing they didn’t take into account was the American people.

But that’s hardly a surprise. Neither Hillary nor Obama took much count of us. It’s why Obama would steamroll over us when it came to his hairbrained agenda. And it’s why Hillary didn’t think she needed to actually, you know, campaign for our votes.

To them, we didn’t matter.

As I said right before the 2016 election: we are the last surprise.

And we were, weren’t we?

We were the last surprise – the very reason Ben Rhodes couldn’t utter a complete sentence on election night.

It was their arrogance and indifference to the American people that came back to bite them on the ass.

They hadn’t figured us in to the equation.

All the subterfuge – the spying, the dossier, all of it – and then We the People went to the polls and cast our vote.

And it threw them for a loop.

But in the case of Ben Rhodes, it’s more than that.

Hillary had to win, you see. Because if she didn’t, there was no way in hell this election inference would remain hidden from view.

Ben Rhodes was up to his tits in this scandal.

See, that’s why I find that clip so damn entertaining.

It’s like a scene from a crime movie when the bad guy realizes that his fingerprints – the ones he thought were wiped away — are all over the murder weapon.

All their schemes, all their plans, and in that moment, Ben Rhodes knew they were royally screwed.

We were the plot twist that Ben Rhodes didn’t expect.

Which, is another sign that he’s a terrible novelist.

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3 thoughts on “Of course Ben Rhodes was sad

  • May 30, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    He was (it seems to me) as socked as he was sad. Since he is a progressive he only watched/read the LSM and they all said Clinton by a landslide.

    Watching his pain made me feel good!

    I admit I am mean!

  • May 30, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    SHOCKED. not socked

  • May 31, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    I would love to know what the REAL election statistics were. Trump must have won by one of the biggest landslides in history.

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