Fence-sittin’ Mike gets off the fence

CNN is reporting that Indiana Governor Mike Pence is finally getting off the fence and making an endorsement prior to Tuesday’s Primary. Pence is scheduled to officially endorse Senator Ted Cruz later today.

off the fence

From CNN:

Three sources with knowledge of Pence’s plans confirmed to CNN that he will announce his backing for Cruz in an interview with WIBC’s Greg Garrison.
Cruz teased the endorsement to reporters in Indianapolis advising voters to tune in without confirming what Pence would say.
“I know I’m going to be listening. I would encourage others to listen, as well,” Cruz said.
Pence’s support comes ahead of the state’s crucial May 3 primary, which could help determine whether Cruz can secure enough delegates to prevent Trump from winning the nomination outright before the GOP convention.
At his Indianapolis campaign stop Friday, Cruz praised Pence.
“I will say this: I have tremendous respect for Gov. Mike Pence,” Cruz said, with his choice for vice president, Carly Fiorina, standing at this side. “He has been an incredible leader for the state of Indiana. He has really demonstrated that when you cut taxes, when you reducse regulations, that jobs follow.”

Now, I’m not sure if Ted Cruz getting endorsed by Mike Pence will have the same impact on Indiana primary voters as Donald Trump getting endorsed by convicted rapist Mike Tyson. But I guess we’ll see.

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