Oh, Don’t Tease

Whelp, the cantankerous old troll of the House Republicans has declared that if Ted Cruz is the 2016 Republican nominee, he will jump off his own bridge [hat tip Pat Dollard].

Oh, don’t tease.

“He’s a guy with a big mouth,” says the ugly big-mouthed old troll.

Clip clop! Clip clop!
“Who’s that walking on my bridge?!”
“It is I, Ted Cruz Gruff!”
“That’s it! I’m jumping!”

Watch the video.

This idiot is considering running for President himself.

He actually thinks he will appeal to the “Ronald Reagan wing” of the Republican party, but Ted Cruz, that “counterfeit conservative,” won’t.


Yeah, when I think of Ronald Reagan, I think of the crotchety old crank Peter King.

Sorry to disappoint you, Pete. But I’m a Reagan conservative. And you’re about as appealing as a bad case of the clap.

Now, go put on your slippers and bathrobe and get back under your bridge.

Clip clop! Clippety Clop!
“Who’s that counterfeit conservative walking on my bridge?!”
“It is I, Ted Cruz Gruff”
“You kid, get off’a my lawn!!”

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One thought on “Oh, Don’t Tease

  • March 24, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    Did he say he’s part of the “True Conservative Wing” of the Republican party? That wing must be broken because it’s wrapped in the white surrender flag and not helping the Eagle soar.

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