Oh, now that’s just sad

Oh, for pity’s sake. This is just sad.

Sure, I know Hillary doesn’t do her own tweeting. There are people on her campaign staff who write her tweets, email them to John Podesta for approval and then tweet them out.

But come on.


That’s just sad.

Sad and a little pretentious at the same time.

It would be one thing if one of her surrogates tweeted this out from their Twitter account, but to send this out via Hillary’s own account?

That is just sad.

We’ve already endured nearly eight years of a narcissistic little prick who endlessly tweets out pictures of himself to commemorate every imaginable event.

And already, Hillary is proving to be just as narcissistic.

“Happy birthday to this future president?”

Somebody clearly believes the Enslaved Press’ endless crowing about how the election is a foregone conclusion.

For a campaign that obsesses over optics, you would think whoever came up with this tweet would have run it up the flagpole and gotten several “don’t do its” in response.

How does it look for Hillary Clinton to tweet out that she is the future president?

Doesn’t it only feed into the negative opinion that she arrogantly views herself as inevitable?

I’ve read enough of the Podesta emails to know that Team Clinton is very careful to avoid the appearance that they believe her ascendency to the White House is inevitable.

But you couple this arrogant “Happy birthday to this future president” with the optics of Hillary Clinton tweeting out her own birthday wishes to herself from her own Twitter account?

Oh, honey.

It’s not just an optics disaster.

It’s really downright sad.

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3 thoughts on “Oh, now that’s just sad

  • October 27, 2016 at 10:56 am

    “Somebody clearly believes the Enslaved Press’ endless crowing about how the election is a foregone conclusion.”

    There’s the rub; if George Soros money has any say in it, it IS a foregone conclusion. And since he is linked to numerous companies who own and operate voting machines under his influence, what are the chances that most, if not ALL votes will go to Hillary?


    I’m sure you’ve already seen the reports from TX, and I think FL is the other one, that says if you vote a straight ticket, it changes your vote to the other party. While I’m desperately praying that she gets beaten by the proverbial landslide, it will certainly not be a shock if she wins it.

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