Oh, the drama!

From the way the Left is behaving, you’d think the FCC just revoked a rule that has been in existence since the dawn of the Internet.

Oh, the drama!

CNN’s headline yesterday pretty much sums it up.


Now, I suffer from Lupus. And one of the things that happens to me is my mind gets a little, well, foggy. I have a photographic memory. But lately, I tend to get scatter-brained and confused.

But despite this handicap, I am still capable of remembering that Net Neutrality went into effect long, long ago in 2015.

In fact, it happened just shortly after I launched PatriotRetort.com.

One of my first posts (from February 27, 2015) was titled The Wrong Week in which I wrote:

Looks like I picked the wrong week to launch a new conservative website.
Now, I realize that there are some starry-eyed folks out there that believe in their heart of hearts that the FCC swallowing the Internet whole will create a totally free and cheap, high-speed, totally open Internet where the broadband is powered by unicorn farts and streaming movies from Netflix will cost practically nothing and be faster than a speeding, now-banned bullet.
Honey, if you thought ISPs were gouging you, just wait until the Federal Government takes the reins.
Nothing the Federal Government does ever works the way they claim.
We’re talking about the entity that made famous the five hundred dollar toilet seat and phony waiting lists at the VA where American veterans languished until they died.
Everything they do costs far more than they said it would. Which means, you will end up having to pay more and more and more to make up for the fact that you happily surrendered the Internet to a massive, inefficient blob that moves with the speed and agility of a glacier.

It hasn’t even been three years.

And, unless every Leftist’s memory is wiped clean like Hillary’s hard drive, they know that the Internet as we know it existed before February 2015.

But of course they know.

All the drama. All the breathless portends of doom and gloom are lies.

We expect the Left to oversell the drama. It’s what they do.

But I never thought I would look back at that commercial of Paul Ryan pushing an old lady off a cliff and think, “Boy, that’s so tempered and moderate.”

And it was compared to the drama over the FCC getting rid of the pointless power-grab known as Net Neutrality that has only been in existence for two years.

Does Sandra Fluke really believe that prior to February 2015, no woman was able to search the Internet for information on abortion providers?

Of course she doesn’t.

But the Left always pushes too hard and too far.

And since they can’t come out and say, “We believe in complete government control of the economy and the information superhighway,” they pretend that without Net Neutrality, America will become Thunderdome.

The nice thing about this over-the-top drama is it’s so damn mock-worthy.

I read a great summary about these hyper-dramatic overreactions at Investor’s Business Daily with the apt title, Will Net-Neutrality Zealots Apologize When the Internet Fails to Crash and Burn?

Short answer: no.

The drama isn’t because they really believe that it’s “the end of the Internet as we know it.”

Like with Obamacare, Net Neutrality was a centralized government attempting to grab the reins of a free market innovation and choke the life out of it.

Leftists do not believe in a Free Market.

And despite their howls of horror over Donald Trump being a fascist, they are perfectly happy with a fascistic government wresting control of a free and open Internet and placing it in the hands of five unelected bureaucrats.

Ironic, isn’t it?

From the IBD piece:

Shorn of all the histrionics, the FCC’s net-neutrality regime was little more than a blatant power grab by the Obama administration, and one that was completely unnecessary. There had been no evidence of consumer harm under the rules in place before 2015, and most of the claims about what ISPs will do — like those listed by Clyburn — are little more than ghost stories.
Indeed, the only blocking and other forms of discrimination practiced on the internet these days has been from net-neutrality advocates like Twitter, Google and Facebook.
In any case, the idea that the internet can only survive and thrive with the heavy hand of government guiding it has no historical support whatsoever.
Before 2015 — when the rules went into effect — the internet grew and prospered in ways no one could have imagined, all with minimal government interference. No, because of minimal government interference.

Really, all I need to know about Net Neutrality is that its advocates were actually threatening to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his family if it was rescinded.

In fact, shortly before the vote happened yesterday, the room had to be cleared because of a bomb threat.

That isn’t just drama; that’s flat-out insane.

And for what?

A regulation that has been in place for less than three years.

The far-Left Marxists don’t give a crap about a “free and open” Internet.

This has always been about power and control.

And the ones who wanted Net Neutrality the most are the big, billionaire Internet-based companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter.


Because Net Neutrality would prevent any other companies from competing with them.

In other words, Net Neutrality was Obama’s gift to these monopolies for their undying support.

That’s not a “free and open” Internet; that’s crony capitalism.

Investor’s Business Daily closes its piece with this simple truth:

While the debate continues to rage, consumers would do well to remember that their interests are always best served by a free and open market, not by a handful of government bureaucrats issuing mandates and regulations from Washington, D.C.

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  • December 16, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Google argues for net neutrality while they put paid sponsors at the top of searches and demonetize conservative voices.

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