On Trump’s Syria decision

Trump Syria decision

I held off writing about President Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria until now.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that I’m no foreign policy expert and I’m not so sure I could add much to the conversation aside from gut reactions.

And, really? Everybody is screaming so loudly, why add to the noise?

Instead, I sought out more level-headed commentary that didn’t include a bunch of “hair-on-fire” histrionics.

Lucky for me, I found some.

Just kidding! That wasn’t it. Not by a long shot.

Last night Jesse Kelly tweeted out an interesting thread about Syria and Mattis resigning.

He doesn’t argue for one position or the other; instead, he puts things into perspective.

Additionally, Mollie Hemingway has an excellent breakdown on Syria in today’s Federalist titled “Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Policy is Correct, but Communicated Horribly.”

And I think she does a great job explaining the pitfalls and risks of “indefinite war.”  As her sub-headline puts it: “Requiring ‘enduring defeat’ in Syria will only result in endless war.”

She starts, interestingly enough, by citing this satirical piece from the Babylon Bee because, as Mollie writes, “the joke wasn’t far from the truth at all:”

After pointing out that President Trump’s decision shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who was paying attention to the things Donald Trump said before and during the 2016 campaign, Mollie cites each argument for staying in Syria and makes her arguments against them.

Hemingway’s column is exceedingly helpful in grappling with the issue.

Read the whole thing HERE.

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2 thoughts on “On Trump’s Syria decision

  • December 22, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    I am and have been for almost 70 years a politicks junky. I remember in ’00 a man running for President saying Clinton’s “Nation building” is wrong for the world and wrong for America. When Im at 1600 this will stop and never happen again! Initials GWB

    He lied.

    American historically do not want to run the world. Until the 21st century! I think “Americans” still do not. It is our “Betters” thad want a New World Order.

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