The only one exploiting Kamala’s gender and blackness is Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

I’m trying to imagine having a conversation with Kamala Harris.

Hi, Dianny. How are you doing today? Is your Lupus bothering
you in this heat?

Hi, Kamala. I’m fine—

Are you aware that your support of Donald Trump could mean
you are a Russian mole?

You asked about my Lup—

I’ve been told about your website. And I know that you’ve made
some racist comments about me.

Racist? Hahaha. No I haven’t. Have you read any of my posts

I only want to get to the truth. And maybe if you would answer
my questions, we could get to the truth.

Yeah. Well, I’m trying to—

I demand that you stop evading my questions and tell me the
truth. Because I will never stop standing up for the truth! You
and those like you will never prevent me from speaking truth
to power!

Sure. Whatever you say. But with regard to your question–

Stop interrupting me! You’re only interrupting me because I’m
a strong, black woman who is not afraid! Now answer my

[sigh] I’ve been trying to answer—

Why do you not employ any transgendered people at!

Well, I don’t employ anyone—

The fact that your site is not inclusive to those from the LGBTQ
community is unconscionable.

I don’t employ anyone. I can barely afford—

And you deny Climate Change! Do you deny that you
deny Climate Change?!

The Climate changes, but man has no significant—

So you’re denier! The fact that you won’t give me a straight
answer only proves you’re a denier! You have Lupus because
of Climate Change. I would think that you of all people
would be in favor of Climate Justice.

I doubt there’s any evidence to back up that Lupus—

Don’t you dare challenge me! I’m the one asking the questions

Senator Burr
Maybe you should allow Dianny to answer a question.

You’re interrupting me?! How dare you! You only interrupt me
because I’m black! And a woman! I’m speaking truth to power!

Kamala’s “I am Victim hear me roar endlessly so the witness can’t answer” routine reared its ugly head again during AG Jeff Sessions’ testimony yesterday.

And once again, Kamala had to be told to shut the hell up so the witness could answer.

So naturally, the Liberal media and butthurt social justice warriors are accusing the Republicans of trying to silence a strong, black woman.

Trust me on this, Kamala Harris knows exactly what she’s doing. She is deliberately setting up the scene where she gets shut down for being an insufferable pain-in-the-ass.

She’s like the basketball player who crowds the guy with the ball in order to force a penalty.

Sure, she’ll pretend that she’s “speaking truth to power” and only wants to get to the truth.

But that’s nonsense.

Kamala Harris is a shameless self-promoter. And she has decided her ticket to “rising Democrat superstardom” is to make a general nuisance of herself until a grown-up in the room tells her to shut the ever-loving heck up.

Spot-on assessment from Kid Saanen.

Kamala Harris is a grandstanding, resume-packing opportunist who hopes to exploit her gender and blackness as a way to rise in the ranks of the Democrat Party.

No, Kamala dear. Your focus was to exploit your moment in the spotlight to set yourself up as a Victim.

Let’s face it. Kamala knows that in the modern-day Democrat Party, being a Victim is the gateway to power.

That’s how Barack Obama played it.

And that’s what Hillary Clinton tried in 2016.

Yeah. It’s stupid, I know.

“Gosh, if only we had a Victim leading us. Because Victims make the best leaders,” said nobody ever.

Like every good Leftist Democrat, Kamala wants everyone to operate under one set of rules while demanding a different set of rules for herself.

She is allowed to interrupt as much as she wants.

But heaven forbid anyone ever interrupt Kamala!

And as soon as she’s interrupted for being an obnoxious, insufferable interrupter, she cries racism and sexism.

But the only person who is exploiting Kamala’s gender or blackness is Kamala Harris herself.

Because at the end of the day, that’s all she has.

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3 thoughts on “The only one exploiting Kamala’s gender and blackness is Kamala Harris

  • June 14, 2017 at 10:50 am

    She’s half-black/half-Asian. How come the left isn’t screaming about her Asian half?

    She’s doing her very best to annoy people, make a name for herself, grab another rung on the ladder, and push, push, push for the 2020 election. And she also excels at being a total jackass.

  • June 14, 2017 at 11:51 am

    She will lose should she run in 2020 because she’s an even bigger vapid bitch than that Hillary Clinton was. Faker than her heritage.

  • June 15, 2017 at 5:12 am

    She’s not black…she’s East Indian,although she did pay Mad Maxine Waters some $66,000 to include her photo in the brochures she sent to 200,000 pavement apes in Watts.They all think she’s black.Well,blacker than Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King,anyway.

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