One-Hit Wonder

Anybody remember that song?

I do, but mostly because when it came out, I was working at a top 40 radio station outside of Chicago — the now-defunct, scandalously named WSEX 92.7 FM (I think it’s a Polish Polka station today). Any old how. Heart and Soul by T’Pau played heavily in our rotation for at least a month or two back when it came out.

I actually loved this song. I thought it was fun. And I especially loved that the band was named after a character from an episode of the original Star Trek (being the nerdy trekkie that I am).

But T’Pau is a textbook example of the “One-Hit Wonder.” They had a huge success with Heart and Soul then nobody ever heard from these guys ever again.

[Go ahead and watch the video if for no other reason than, dear Lord, the big hair!!! Ah, the eighties]

If you want my opinion, John Kasich is the one-hit wonder of the 2016 Republican race. After pouring over twelve million dollars into New Hampshire (compared to Trump’s $3.7M), Kasich could only get 44,595 votes compared to Trump’s 99,839 votes. The fact that Ted Cruz was only about eleven thousand votes away from him while spending only a half million bucks is pretty telling if you ask me.

Kasich put all of his eggs in one basket. He blew his wad.

He is T’Pau belting out Heart and Soul (minus the big hair).

One-Hit Wonder

I highly doubt there will be a follow-up hit for one-hit wonder Kasich. I think his campaign began and ended last night. He lacks the infrastructure and conservative base appeal of Cruz, the popularity and endless free airtime of Trump, and the Establishment backing of Bush and Rubio.

So though he came in with a decisive second place last night in New Hampshire, he is leaving New Hampshire with just as little to show for his time there as Chris Christie.

But he’ll keep going — hoping for a repeat of his one-hit wonder night in the Granite State.

And like T’Pau, a year from now, Kasich will only be remembered in that, “Hey, whatever happened to that guy who got second place in New Hampshire? What was his name?” kind of way.

And speaking of One-Hit wonders:

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    • February 10, 2016 at 8:47 pm

      Steve Martin is actually pretty good. You must have to live on the northern side of the Mason-Dixon line to appreciate the other two songs.

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