Oh, Hillary. I guess Huma was right when she said you’re often confused.

Nothing like having your own words rear up and bite you on the ass.

In an effort to paint Bernie Sanders as not having a long history of fighting for the things Democrat voters care for the way good old Hillary has, Hillary got caught in a web of her own failing memory.


Hillary (in 2016): We’re gonna pull together and stand up against those powerful forces. And I always get a little chuckle when I hear my opponent talking about doing it. Well, I don’t know where he was when I was trying to get healthcare in 93 and 94.

Where was he?


Hillary (in 93 & 94): I’m very grateful for the leadership that many people are giving to this great reform effort. And I’m grateful that Congressman Sanders would join us today from Vermont.

I hate to praise anyone who would actually vote for Bernie Sanders, but you gotta admit, this was a most excellent catch.

My guess is, Hillary’s memory gets wiped clean with a cloth at the start of every new day.

She’s like one of those internet browsers that scrubs its history the moment you log off.

In that respect, she really is the poster-child for the Democrat Party.

Every Democrat thinks history began ten minutes ago. And ten minutes later, that ten minutes of history is erased.

It’s how they rail against the KKK as if the KKK wasn’t a military arm of the Democrat Party.

It’s how Bernie can push socialism on American voters when socialism has failed in every country it is tried.

It’s how they continue to believe that the New Deal got us out of the Depression when in fact, it extended the Depression in the US while the rest of the world began to see their economies improve. Hell, even FDR’s Treasury Secretary admitted the whole debacle was, well a debacle.

No wonder Hillary’s first memoir was titled “Living History.” Apparently she meant that they same way Democrats say the Constitution is “living and breathing.” Though, if she were completely honest (HA!), this probably would have been a better title to go with.


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3 thoughts on “Oof

  • March 13, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    “Oof,” Is that like a female version of an Oaf? Or a slang term for money, ie. spondulics, oof, ooftish, wampum, possibles, ballast, boodle, blunt…?

    I obtained an old Roget’s International Thesaurus Third Edition and found oof on pg 544, 833.2 money, slang terms. I am trying. Ha, Ha, Ha! Most folks would say: Yes, VERY!

    At any rate Hitlery, who I might add is also VERY TRYING, is still out and about, walking around free as a bird.

    Thanks Again, Dianny!

  • March 14, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Her picture on the cover of Living History must have required a three month makeover.

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