Operation Backfire

operation backfire

One of the things that I say repeatedly is that the problem with the Left is they always push too hard and too far. And eventually what they’re pushing will backfire on them in a big, BIG way.

In fact, I’m sure some of you think I say it too much.

But as far as I am concerned, it is the most important thing you need to understand about the Left.

In their attempt at Operation Destroy Trump, the Enslaved Press is actually running what I would call Operation Backfire.

There’s no doubt that RussiaGate did backfire on the Left – particularly the news media.

And this is something Roger Simon points out over at PJ Media in a column titled How the MSM and Russian Trolls Are Destroying the Democratic Party.

Forget going from the sublime to the ridiculous. This has gone from the ludicrous to the harebrained. The fact that anyone could be taking this nonsense seriously anymore boggles the proverbial mind, but they do — especially at that antediluvian relic known as the mainstream media.

And therein lies the treachery — not for Donald Trump, who spends far too much time paying attention to it himself, but for the Democratic Party because, seemingly entranced (even hypnotized) by the non-stop (even now) coverage by CNN and other so-called serious outlets, they have completely forgotten who they are, i. e. a political party with policies, goals, etc.

Lost in a Russia-induced haze, the Democratic Party virtually no longer exists. They have no ideas, no proposals, nada. There’s nothing but Nancy Pelosi whining about “crumbs” while genuine tax reform is appearing live in people’s paychecks. The Democrats can dream about a “wave election,” but the only wave that seems to be coming their way is a surfer’s wipeout.

Nevertheless, CNN et al. bleat on about Russia, Russia, Russia. I have news for Zucker, Tapper, Acosta and company. No one’s interested. This is the boy who cried wolf times twenty. The public has been on to the game for months now. It’s even beginning to show in the polls.

But it isn’t just the media’s relentless flogging of RussiaGate that is part of the inadvertent Operation Backfire.

I think we’re seeing the same thing unfold right before our eyes with this latest Gun Control push raging in the news media.

Truth is, shoving these teenagers into the spotlight, bleating endlessly about “saving our children,” promoting this Leftwing Astro-Turf “March for Our Lives” – all of this is going to backfire big-time.

And the reason is exactly what I stated at the beginning.

Once again, they are pushing too hard and too far.

Here’s what the news media fails to comprehend.

Most Americans aren’t so easily swayed by propaganda.

In fact, we tend to recoil from it.

And this coordinated effort to frame the gun narrative in the way they have – specifically by manipulating teenagers and attempting to play on our emotions – is something most Americans hate.

They’ve been doing this for years.

During the entire election season the news media attempted to create the narrative that Trump’s position on illegal immigration and building the wall were so far out of the mainstream.

They tried to label it as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

But despite all they tried, Donald Trump won in large part because of his immigration agenda.

Actually, let me rephrase that. By caterwauling endlessly about Trump’s immigration agenda, the news media actually shined a bright spotlight on Trump’s immigration agenda. And Americans liked what they heard.

As a result, Trump won.

Talk about Operation Backfire.

And not only that, as I pointed out last month, the majority of Americans still support Trump’s immigration agenda.

Another example of Operation Backfire is the news media’s attempt to kill the tax reform bill.

For months they portrayed this tax reform as “tax cuts for the rich” that would “raise taxes on the Middle Class.”

But reality trumps the narrative every time.

And now support for the Tax Law is at an all-time high.

Everything they do backfires on them – blowing up in their faces like a trick cigar.

But they just keep pushing too hard and too far.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Dianny, don’t point this out. Don’t get in the way when your opponent is making a mistake.”


But you have to remember that the Left cannot do it any other way.

As I said in my column Arrogance and Ignorance:

Arrogance and ignorance — the two traits that the ResistanceLOL is unable to change. Both are hard-wired into their psyche.

And that arrogance and ignorance is why they keep making the same mistakes over and over again expecting different results.

They’ll never change.

They’ll never wise up.

Because they really do believe that they are the smart ones and we are the idiots.

They really do believe that only people who think like them are worthy of their time or respect.

And it is so going to bite them on the ass.

When it comes to this latest gun control narrative, the same holds true.

The Left cannot argue facts because, to be honest, they don’t know many facts. And the few facts they do know don’t support their agenda, so they have to ignore them.

Instead, they use emotional appeals, inflammatory rhetoric, human shields and flagrant lies.

And they will push all of those too hard and too far.

As a result, I expect that this latest anti-gun full court press will backfire on them too.

The Democrats believe having the news media as their allies is a huge benefit to them.

But this isn’t 1998. Americans today have little trust in the mainstream press.

So in 2018, having the news media serve as your propaganda can only backfire.

And so long as the Democrats continue to use these inept fools to push their agenda, the Democrat agenda will continue to lose support.

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3 thoughts on “Operation Backfire

  • February 21, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    WELL “Just how low will CNN go?”!

    To be fair when CNN was bonr FAKE NEWS had been SOP for the LSM for decades. they did not invent it, improve it, not enhance it.

  • February 22, 2018 at 9:40 am

    There’s a meme going around claiming that “since Sandy Hook killing children has become bearable.” I think they make a good point. The only problem is, their date is about 40 years off.

  • February 23, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    OK fine, but where’s the “March for our Lives” and the #ENOUGH campaign for those of us that are fed up with the inaction regarding illegals killing & raping US Citizens (including children) on a daily basis? Not just once in a while, EVERY DAMN DAY! ……………Anyone???

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