Operation Circle the RINOs!

Operation Circle the RINOs!

One thing you can say about squishy Republicans who hate their voters. They might not go to the wall to defend us, but boy, if one of their own gets criticized they circle the wagons to protect her. Or, circle the RINOs, if you will.

Liz Cheney, like many long-time elected Republicans has grown to really despise the people who put her in office. Hey, it happens. Once you get into the House of Representatives, the last thing you want is to have a bunch of unwashed nobodies expecting you to represent their interests. I mean who do those rubes think they are?!

And when Liz’s fellow travelers realized one of their own was in peril, Operation Circle the RINOs was launched.

Mitt RomneyJohn Kasich, Adam Kinzinger – all the RINOs who, like Liz Cheney, hate the fact that elected public servants are accountable to the people who elect them — are circling Liz and shielding her with their thick hides.

Too bad John McCain is dead. Operation Circle the RINOs is the stuff he lived for. Nothing got old John’s dander up quite like those silly, stupid voters who think they have a say in self-government.

There’s a reason I call her Liz McCainey.

My issue with Liz Cheney isn’t simply that she voted to impeach Trump over a BS “incitement” claim – though that in and of itself is damning.

No, my issue with Liz goes beyond that. Like every other RINO, Cheney adopted every last BS lie the Marxist Left peddles to further divide the country.

In February, Cheney declared the GOP needs to “make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy.” I wrote at the time “Never accept as Truth the lies and slanders told by the Left.”

We don’t need to make it clear that “we aren’t the party of white supremacy.” Because we aren’t the party of white supremacy. The only proper response to people claiming we are is to laugh in their faces.

But Liz Cheney doesn’t dismiss such slanderous BS. She doesn’t fight back. Instead, she just accepts the Left’s narrative as Truth and goes from there.

What happened on January 6 was not an “Insurrection.” But Liz can’t stop squawking about the “insurrection” that “threatened our democracy.”

Liz is even embracing CNN’s propaganda that questioning the 2020 election is perpetrating the so-called BIG LIE.

Why would Liz feel the need to do this at all?

Maybe she’s an idiot.

Or, maybe Liz is hoping Democrat voters in Wyoming save her from electoral defeat in 2022 by pandering to them.

Or, maybe Liz knows her days in Congress are numbered and she’s getting a jump on that CNN audition.

Or, maybe despite Liz Cheney’s love of foreign wars, she is so completely cowardly that she surrenders to the Marxist Left without putting up a fight.

Whatever the reason, nobody with such dripping contempt for Republican voters who willingly burps out the propaganda of the Marxist Left should be serving in the House Republican leadership.

Though she survived a vote earlier this year, it’s looking as if the mood among Congressional Republicans has changed, and Liz Cheney might be losing her spot in the leadership.

Which explains Operation Circle the RINOs.

These guys won’t lift a finger to beat back the Marxist Left.

But they’ll always go balls to the wall to defend one of their own.

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3 thoughts on “Operation Circle the RINOs!

  • May 5, 2021 at 10:51 am

    That’s why so many conservative writers use the term Uniparty. With rare (very rare) exceptions, they’re all corrupt and self-obsessed, Dems and Republicans alike. Their only priority is feathering their own nests… screw the voters.

  • May 5, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Pelosi’s covering for Liz, too. Ohhh she’s so BRAVE! lol.
    Bad move.

  • May 5, 2021 at 9:54 pm

    you think these politicians run for office to make their constituents’ lives better? Hardly. They do it to get wealthy beyond their wildest dreams without having to do any physical labor. Just lie well and pay off the right people.

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