Operation Destroy Tara Reade has begun

Operation Destroy Tara Reade has begun

Hang on to your hats, folks. Operation Destroy Tara Reade has begun.

So forget those weepy lectures about how awful it is that victims of sexual assault are afraid to come forward for fear that powerful men will destroy them.  Because now the powerful man in question is their powerful man.

I said on Friday that after Dirty Digit Joe’s disastrous interview with Mika Brzezinski, Team Biden was no doubt huddling together trying to figure out how best to get this inconvenient accusation behind them.  And Operation Destroy Tara Reade was obviously the strategy they chose.

Within 24 hours the talking points were clear: Biden has been vetted and Reid’s story is “falling apart.”

From former Obama people we got the “vetted” angle.  David Axelrod and Patti Solis Doyle took to Twitter to dismiss Reade’s allegation because “it was an exhaustive vet.” Therefore, Tara Reade is lying.

Brett Kavanaugh had multiple exhaustive FBI background checks during his career.  And nothing came up that was in any way untoward.  Surely these guys were satisfied with his vetting back then, am I right?

Nope.  Guess not.

How do they manage to stand upright on this ever-shifting sand?

Then again, in 2018 it was Operation Destroy Kavanaugh. In that search and destroy mission, the “powerful man” threatened their power.

With Operation Destroy Tara Reade, the “powerful man” is their ticket back to power.

So all the people who hope to ride back into the White House on the doddering old cooter’s coattails will not hesitate to destroy a little nobody like Tara Reade to get there.

Meanwhile the Anti-Trump ResistanceLOL in the press and in Hollywood to are parroting the claim that Tara Reade’s story is “falling apart.”

Like ResistanceLOL actress Debra Messing.

Whoops! Wrong tweet!

Oh, I see what the problem is. She deleted the correct tweet.

That’s okay. I got a screen capture.

Operation Destroy Tara Reade the Messing edition

I guess even Debra Messing – as dumb as she is – realizes that Operation Destroy Tara Reade is an incredibly ugly, hypocritical thing.

But Team Biden has plenty of surrogates willing to step into the breach created by Debra Messing’s nagging, albeit tiny, conscience.

Including Washington Post’s putative “conservative” writer Jennifer Rubin.

Had Jennifer taken a moment to actually read the article, she would have learned that the reason Tara Reade didn’t report it as a sexual assault is because she was too scared to do it.

Which, if you follow the #MeToo orthodoxy, is kind of the point of the whole #MeToo movement – namely we need to change the culture so women are no longer afraid to come forward.

Right, Kirsten?

Those who rail against a “culture” where women are afraid to come forward are now promoting a culture where if a woman comes forward, she will get destroyed.

And given their willingness to deploy Operation Destroy Tara Reade, I’m thinking Reade had reason to be afraid.

Speaking of putative conservatives.

Drag her!  Drag her, everyone!!!  Protect our “powerful man” and drag Tara Reade like she’s a pirate getting keelhauled!

But Operation Destroy Tara Reade is hardly unexpected.

This is how the Left operates.

When the horndog governor of Arkansas ran for President, his campaign people did the exact same thing to every woman he harassed or assaulted.

And leading the charge to destroy those women was his own wife who, when she ran for President in 2016, actually portrayed herself as a champion for victims of sexual assault.

Damn those powerful men who victimize women and then revictimize them when they come forward!  Oh, hey.  On second thought, now that our powerful man is accused, that sounds like a really great strategy!

With Operation Destroy Tara Reade, they’ve become the monsters they claim to rail against.

Tara Reade is now on the receiving end of threats and harassment.  So, good job, guys! I guess Mission Accomplished?

Team Biden and its surrogates know they can get away with it.  The Democrat handmaids in the corporate news media will back their play.  And it isn’t as if any of the people who flog #MeToo or #BelieveWomen are going to express outrage over the attempts to destroy Tara Reade.

Their hatred for President Trump and their obsession with removing him from office have exposed them for the frauds they’ve always been.  And they don’t care.

Power is all that matters. It’s why they deployed Operation Destroy Kavanaugh in 2018, and why they’re deploying Operation Destroy Tara Reade today.

This little nobody’s inconvenient accusation isn’t going to derail their plans to retake the White House in 2020.

And if that means making her a target and destroying her life, well, so be it.

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2 thoughts on “Operation Destroy Tara Reade has begun

  • May 3, 2020 at 11:39 am

    Yup, just another episode of “How low will they go?” resetting the bar to yet a new bottom.

    This is just the left’s guiding principles on display.

  • May 3, 2020 at 11:33 pm

    I believe Tara Reade.
    It’s not like she is the first person who has made some comment about Biden, although apparently the only person who reported actual sexual assault.
    Will Biden open up his records at the University of Delaware?

    If he opens them up and something shows up with Tara Reade’s name on it, then he will need to do some explaining, but keeping them closed isn’t likely to help his cause much either.
    It seems like he’s hiding something.
    He’s talking about confidential conversations, however, the search would just be for items concerning Tara Reade.

    I think he’ll be forced to open them up or else he will lose credibility. Would he lose the nomination over it?
    He might lose the election, which would be a bigger issue the Democrats need to deal with.
    This is where they will need to put up or shut up.
    Either force Biden to open the records now, or have that issue dog him during the general election with Trump.
    If they want a strong candidate, they’ll have to decide for themselves.

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