Operation Find Pickle

The other day, Sarah Huckabee Sanders took some time in the press briefing to read a letter to the President from a 9-year-old Dylan — nicknamed Pickle.

It’s the cutest damn thing you ever did see.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but smile listening to Dylan’s letter.

But snarky, hateful Twitter trolls and verified Leftists went into hyper-drive over this cute little moment.

Because one side-effect of Trump Derangement Syndrome is you become a joyless prat.

But the Washington Post apparently took their hateful tweets seriously.

So, in the tradition of Woodward and Bernstein, they launched Operation Find Pickle.

So, we found Pickle. He is real, definitely real. He likes watching baseball and riding his scooter and Donald Trump.
It took us a little while. Mostly we typed in searches on Facebook — but then what have we spent the past decade doing besides learning how to track down people on Facebook? There he was in a picture, a cute blond with a buzz cut, posing with his brother and a dog.

A cute blond with a buzz cut?! That tears it!

Pickle must be a Nazi!!!!

And you thought CNN going after a freaking meme-maker was as low as the Enslaved Press could go.

But apparently the Washington Post told CNN, “Hold my beer.”

Operation Find Pickle is even more absurd than the Associated Press deploying eleven reporters into the Alaska wilderness to fact-check Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue.

If only they could muster up that kind of initiative and cover the House IT Scandal.

But a nine-year-old boy writes a letter to the President and they’re all over it like he’s the next Ted Kazynski.


Maybe if we told the Washington Post that Imran Awan is nine years old and wrote a fan letter to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, they might summon the interest to cover that story.

I’d ask “have they no shame,” but we all know the answer.

Clearly these idiots were born without the embarrassment gene.

On behalf of sane people across the country, I apologize Pickle.

I hope you get to visit President Trump and shake his hand.

Hat tip MILO

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